Project Affable- Contest- Total Prize Pool- 200 STEEM- Important Updates & Leaderboard.




The Project Affable was announced on 1st September 2020, to empower the 2nd, 3rd layer engagement in #thediarygame, exclusively for the Indian community with a total prize pool of 200 STEEM. For more details, you can refer to this original post.

Since then one week has passed. And we also have a tool now to automate the Affable Ratio(without going with manual calculations) and quickly update the leaderboard, thanks to @neerajkr03 for bringing this Steemit Contest Management Tool.

So this post aims to update the leaderboard as one week has already passed, we must know how does it look like. In addition to that, this post will also outline the updates on the rules.


First, let's get back to the formula of the Affable Ratio and the different parameters it considers for its calculation.


Now using the SCM tool, I have calculated the Affable Ratio of each participant of this contest. If you have not enrolled in this contest, then go to the original post and comment with "I'm affable".

Leaderboard based on the Affable Ratio


Want to know your Affable Ratio?

  • Visit
  • Click on "Check Affable Ratio".
  • Enter your valid Steem Username
  • Enter latest comment Permalink
  • Click on "Show Affable Score".
  • For a more detailed explanation, refer to this post.


It is clearly evident that some of the participants are doing well, while some other participants have just enrolled their names without engaging in #thedairygame. That is why their score is showing "0".

To be honest, when project Affable was conceptualized, it aimed to be an inclusive contest for one and all, yet with a healthy competition among the participants so as to bring valuable engagement to the table to foster a sense of community.

That is the reason why you can see the total number of 11 beneficiaries of the prize pool of 200 STEEM. Already one week has passed, and so far only 14 participants have enrolled in this contest. Out of 14 participants, as you can see in the leaderboard, few have not scored affable ratio at all, which means they have not engaged at all in #thedairygame, while some other participants have a very low score of affable ratio(below 1), which means a very low level of engagement.

Once again I must reiterate that this project does not burden you with any additional task/activity. This project tries to bring optimal effect and extrinsic motivation to how you engage in #thedairygame. So from the same activity, you can win the #onepercent vote, you can win Lucky10's votes, and now you can win a reward from the prize pool of 200 STEEM(should you be in the top 11 the project Affable contest).

Now as one week has passed, and looking into the dynamics of the leaderboard, it is important to outline that this project is more about serious engagement(and hence the reward), it is more about integrity, it is more about consistency, it is about building a great camaraderie, etc.

So the time has come to update the rules by introducing a threshold so that it would sound more meaningful and should feel like a contest.

From 7th September 2020 to 25th September 2020, any participant(s) who go inactive(comments) or dormant for 4 consecutive days in #thediarygame, will not be eligible as a beneficiary of the reward pool, does not matter what the affable score is.

So from 7th September 2020 or from the date of enrollment in project Affable (whichever is later) each participant of contest-Project Affable has to remain active in #thediarygame(as minimum threshold criteria). No activity(comments) for 4 consecutive days in #thedairygame will render him/her as inactive in the project Affable and hence his/her affable ratio won't be taken into consideration for determining the winner(s) of this contest(project Affable).

If there will be less number of active participants(less than the number of winners, 11), then the remaining balance of the prize pool will be utilized for the next contest, possibly for all in the next #theshopinggame and/or #thediarygame season 3(if there will be a season 3).


It is still a pilot project and maybe with the SCM tool now, it seeks to scale better and organize the same for the entire Seem Blockchain next time either with another season of #thedairygame or the anticipated #theshoppinggame.

I will also work in close coordination with various test cases which will help @neerajka03, to make this Steemit Contest Management tool robust to deal with any abuses. Definitely on 6th October 2020, project Affable will value his time & effort for bringing this SCM tool, and saving a lot of time, making project Affable more organized & scalable.

That said, now let's get back to the leaderboard again and also have a look at your 1C and 2C comments.


The above stats reflects the engagement of the participants from 1st Sept to 8th Sept 2020 in #thediarygame, project Affable. 1C= 1st Layer Comments, 2C= 2nd Layer Comments

My personal observation is that many people are commenting but they forget to use tags like #onepercent and #affable and that is why despite their healthy engagement their affable ratio is lower.

So please pay attention to this part of the post, if you are one of them.



It is the first layer comment in your engagement in #thediarygame. Generally, you have been using tags like #oneperecent and your own country.

For Indian diarist, it is like #onepercent #india at the bottom of a comment.

Now with project Affable, it is with another tag #affable.

So it will be like #onepercent #india #affable

Please do bear in mind that for your own post when you reply, you may not get #onpercent votes from @steemcurator01 as @stemcurator01 rewards you one percent vote for engaging with other's diary posts. But you can still score the affable ratio. So don't forget to tag #affable at the end of your comment if you engage with the replies in your own diary post.

So for your own dairy post when you respond to the replies, you should reply with tag #affable at the bottom of the comment(s).




In this example, as the author @rishabh99946 uses the tag #affable at the end of his comment while responding to the replies on his diary post; hence his Affable ratio truly reflects his engagement.



Any comments in the 2nd layer, 3rd layer, and so on, will be grouped under 2C.

Again whether you are commenting on other's dairy posts or responding to replies in your own diary post, you should use the tag #affable at the bottom of the comment, then only the affable ratio will reflect true to your actual engagement

So please pay attention to it.

I have personally observed some of the participants of project Affable are not using the #affable tag at the bottom of their comment in their own diary post, that is why their affable score is low, despite having a good engagement. Through this post, I want to highlight this to their attention.




In this example, the author @lavanyalakshman did not use the tag #affable at the bottom of the comment. So her Affable Ratio understated his actual engagement. If she would use the tag at the bottom of the comment in his own diary post, then her Affable ratio will truly reflect her actual engagement.


Clarifications on project Affable



Tips to take your engagement deep




  • All Indian users with an Introduction post are eligible to participate in the project "Affable".
  • All the comments in #thediarygame will be taken into consideration for calculating the "Affable Ratio" and based on the Affable Ratio, the top 11 ranks at the end of the campaign will be rewarded.
  • Pay attention to what Affable means and accordingly calibrate your engagement in #thediarygame(As described in Project Affable).
  • The 2nd and 3rd layer comments have double weightage than the primary layer engagement(first layer comment). The Lucky10's vote has double weightage than the one-percent votes. So go deep and be productive when you engage.
  • An Indian user can engage with anyone in #thediarygame campaign, which means you can engage with any dairy post of any other country also.
  • The comments like "thank you", "wow", "nice", "good", "cool", etc or similar comments will not be taken into consideration while calculating the "Affable Ratio".
  • If someone has replied to your diary post and you have reciprocated productively, then that will be considered in calculating the "Affable Ratio". If you have commented like "Thank you" or "Thank you for stopping by", that will not be taken into consideration.
  • Use tag #affable in your comment. At this time, you are using #onepercent #india. So you can use third tag #affable to this. For example, #onepercent #india #affable
  • If you want to participate in the project "Affable", just comment with "I am affable". (Mandatory)
  • From 7th September 2020 to 25th September 2020, any participants who go inactive(comments) or dormant for 4 consecutive days in #thediarygame, he/she will not be eligible as a beneficiary of the reward pool, does not matter what the affable score is(for him/her).

Start & End Date

  • Start Date: 1st September 2020
  • End Date: 25th September 2020

Result Announcement Date

  • 6th October 2020

Prize Pool (200 STEEM)

The total reward pool is 200 STEEM and the top 11 participants will share a reward pool of 200 STEEM.


Thank you.

(If you have any doubt related to the project "Affable", feel free to ask in the comment section.)



I request all the participants to go through this important update on Project Affable- @jyotisingh @souravpatel @spct @neerajkr03 @sahilgupta @lavanyalakshman @rishabh99946 @ayushikumari @sachin08 @starlord28 @sanjeev.kumar @vaibhavsan @satyam1 @kamranrkploy


Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are my original works.


If you want to know more about Project Affable, please refer to the following posts.

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You have been upvoted by rishabh99946 A Country Representative from INDIA I am voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and other writing challenges and contest such as The diary game

Also join LUCKY 10S

Thank you for this update.


Rishabh, in what way we can let other steemians who are participating in #thedairygame to at least let them know that a contest like Project Affable is running exclusively for the Indian community, most importantly they don't have to do any additional task for this contest. Any suggestion, I want to see healthy participation to make the contest meaningful. So soliciting your suggestions, inputs.

Thank you.


I'm in contact with most of the active steemians illl personally send them links, give me some time and you will be more participants. :)

It will reach more user if @steemitblog include project affable in their next post.


Thank you so much. That will really help.

it is very beautiful contest! thanks for updating



Then why don't you participate in it Sir?

Please go through this original post and leave a comment "I am affable" in that original post.

Then go through #thediarygame posts, comments and engage with others, try to use these three tags #onepercent #india #affable


Thank you for inviting me.
#onepercent #India #affable

Hi, @sapwood
You are also participating in this na..
May I know your score..till now


No, I am not a participant in this contest(being an organizer of the contest). However, my appetite for engagement in #thedairygame is still on and would go stronger.

Thank you.

As you asked for it-- My affable ratio= 14


This contest is very interesting, I understand that it is limited only to those who post with the hashtag #india, the contest is very motivating. I got here because @steemitblog commented on two contests. Already the friend @anasuleidy I am participating and the foreigners who visit motivated by the challenge, one was interested in participating, asked if he could or was there any limitation and the representative of Venezuela said that he could.

Muy interesante este concurso, entiendo que se limita solo a los que postean con la etiqueta #india se ve muy motivador el concurso. Llegue por acá porque @steemitblog comentó sobre dos concursos. Ya el de la amiga @anasuleidy estoy participando y a los extranjeros que visite motivada por el reto, uno se intereso en participar, pregunto si podia o habia alguna limitación y el representante de Venezuela dijo que si podía.

Suerte en el reto/luck in the challenge @sapwood