Project Affable- Contest- Total Prize Pool- 200 STEEM- Updates, Clarifications, Additional tips.




The Project Affable was announced on 1st September 2020, exclusively for the Indian community with a total prize pool of 200 STEEM. For more details, you can refer to this original post.

This post aims to set a lot of perceptions in order and would also like to give additional tips and updates on the number of participants so far.

First off, I would like to say that I can see the engagement level going deep since the announcement of project Affable, and some of the participants are really keen to make it successful. I am grateful to all of such genuine efforts. Together we all can create a great camaraderie in this pilot project of "Affable" and can take it to the next level for one & all.


Updates on the number of Participants

As on 09/05/2020, 13 people have participated in this engagement league. I am also attaching herewith the list of participants. If anyone believes that he/she has participated by commenting "I'm affable" in the original post, but left out from this list, do leave a comment, I will correct it and update the table.

Also, if you(any Indian) have not participated so far, and want to participate, then go to the original post, and do leave a comment "I'm affable" to be considered as a participant.


Affable Ratio


The total reward pool is 200 STEEM and the top 11 participants will share a reward pool of 200 STEEM.


To be honest, I am expecting more number of participants. That is why I have tried to make the reward pool lucrative for you all. The cost-benefit-analysis also looks very reasonable considering the fact that you don't need to do any additional tasks in this contest.


That said, I can also see some visible deep engagement by some of the participants. I encourage you with this post with some additional tips so that you can create additional room for 2nd and 3rd layer engagement.

Before going into that, let's have a recap of the "Rules" of this contest.


  • All Indian users with an Introduction post are eligible to participate in the project "Affable".
  • All the comments in #thediarygame will be taken into consideration for calculating the "Affable Ratio" and based on the Affable Ratio, the top 11 ranks at the end of the campaign will be rewarded.
  • Pay attention to what Affable means and accordingly calibrate your engagement in #thediarygame(As described in Project Affable).
  • The 2nd and 3rd layer comments have double weightage than the primary layer engagement(first layer comment). The Lucky10's vote has double weightage than the one-percent votes. So go deep and be productive when you engage.
  • An Indian user can engage with anyone in #thediarygame campaign, which means you can engage with any dairy post of any other country also.
  • The comments like "thank you", "wow", "nice", "good", "cool", etc or similar comments will not be taken into consideration while calculating the "Affable Ratio".
  • If someone has replied to your diary post and you have reciprocated productively, then that will be considered in calculating the "Affable Ratio". If you have commented like "Thank you" or "Thank you for stopping by", that will not be taken into consideration.
  • Use tag #affable in your comment. At this time, you are using #onepercent #india. So you can use third tag #affable to this. For example, #onepercent #india #affable
  • If you want to participate in the project "Affable", just comment with "I am affable". (Mandatory)

Start & End Date

  • Start Date: 1st September 2020
  • End Date: 25th September 2020

Result Announcement Date

  • 6th October 2020


Clarifications on project Affable



As you can see in the rules any Indian can participate in this contest and the engagement has to be in #thediarygame posts. You can engage with any diary post all over the world in Steem Blockchain.

For instance, you want to engage with the diary posts of Venezuela community or Bangladesh community or Nigeria community, etc. Go ahead.

The conditions of engagement are:-

  • #thediarygame tag. That means it has to be a diary post.
  • The commenter must be an Indian and must have enrolled his name in Project Affable.


Project Affable aims to empower 2nd, 3rd layer engagement. However, if you check the Affable ratio, you will find that it also considers the first layer engagement and the onepercent votes and Lucky10's votes. Hence it is a weighted average ratio of your comprehensive productive engagement and reflections. However, as it empowers the 2nd layer, 3rd layer engagement it gives double weightage to deep engagement.

So it should not create any performance anxiety for you. If you feel that you can generate a higher affable ratio by going heavily with primary engagement, you can do so.

For instance, there are two commenters, A & B. A wants to go with 50 1st layer engagement & no second layer engagement and B wants to go with 30 first layer engagement and 20 second layer engagement. In this case, the net worth for A will be 50, whereas for B it will be 70 {30+2(20)=70}. So that's where B makes the difference with double weightage on his second layer engagement.

That is why you should try to make comment in such a way that your counterpart is very likely to make a reply and you head into the 2nd layer engagement. I will also give you some tips on how you take this engagement deep.


Tips to take your engagement deep


Although project Affable encourages second layer engagement, we must not forget that it is the post and the first comment, which is the underlying base for the second layer engagement.

So a good & interesting post is the precursor to deep engagement. Now it is up to the commenter, how he/she reciprocates in his first comment so that it creates extra room and/or make the author reciprocate to his first comment, thereby enabling way into the second layer engagement.

Let's take this example.

Example of 1st Layer, 2nd Layer, 3rd Layer engagement


Just check this example. In the post, the author takes some shots of food that he had in his day and shared it, but the shots were so impressive that the commenter asked about the camera, and the author replied which camera was used to take such beautiful shots. Then the commenter again got curious to know the price of the camera and the author again replied with the price of it. That is how the engagement got deeper.

So the point is that, if you come across something that is interesting, you should go on asking with "why, how, when, where", etc. Of course in a civilized way, not in a sarcastic way. "Affable" means "easy to talk to". So be affable when you engage.

Another way to take your engagement deep is giving "suggestion" in his diary post. And if he/she reciprocates then try helping the diarist through examples, tutorials, how-to. That way not only the engagement would go deep, you also create a friendly ecosystem in this chain. It's more about helping each other and grow together. But don't be hard, always be affirmative and friendly.

Let's take this example.

The author published a diary post, the commenter spotted that the caption is missing in the image shared by the author. So he suggested adding a caption. The author responded positively, then the commenter replied with "how-to", that way the engagement got deeper into the 5th layer.


The author creates the base, hence the author should articulate his diary post in such a way that it attracts the attention of the readers, that way it reaches the first layer engagement and to make it interesting, you should be wise enough to take it deep, that way it disseminates critical information, sharing, reactions, etc.

Everyone in his/her life has its own priorities. I am not going to intrude or dictate the terms. But whoever are writing diary posts, but somehow not getting time to engage with other's post, I would request and encourage them all to at least reciprocate with the replies of their own post.

That way also you can score the affable ratio. And with a staggering number of replies in your post, you can create a chance to score better by engaging with the commenters in your post itself. Nonetheless, it is always considered a positive representation on the part of the author who responds to each of the comments of his/her readers.

Thank you.

(If you have any doubt related to the project "Affable", feel free to ask in the comment section.)




Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are my original works.

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Sorry i forget to participate but i am already work on this contest from many days so please i requested you to count all my past work as related to this contest. Now i comment "i am affable" in your last post as related to this topic. Again i requesting you to please count my past work as related to this contest.
Thank you...


Ok, thank you.

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I have a question brother....
Will you count all my past comment??

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Hello @steemcurator01 i posted 28 posts and you isn't visit on any post. So, i am requesting you to please visit my all posts

Great tips! I really need to dedicate more time to The Diary Game - more commenting, and better specifics, but with economic reactivation my time demands are growing so attention is becoming a valuable and hard to give commodity. Over the long term, I will remain connected and moving topics on the Steemit platform, but this is definitely my last season, at least for now. #onepercent #colombia

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