Betterlife |The diary game | 12 Jan 2021 | Pan-Fried Chicken


Hi guys!!

Wish you'll a very Happy New Year 2021. So thought will give a try to this Dairy Game. Pretty new to this so you'll help me to know if this is how it works.

It was a gloomy day today, we started our day with breakfast as usual. My wife made some yummy Buns. Then our day got usual with work from home as you all know how boring it gets to sit at home and work. To add some spice in life my wife thought let's have some pan-fried chicken along with stir-fried chicken with some bread toasted. It was super awesome, I loved it. We enjoyed our food watching How I Met Your Mother.

Post lunch was lethargic literally had to sit with eyes wide open cause I had some office calls to attend and had some work to wrap for the day.

Hope you'll have an awesome day :)


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