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I travelled for minimum 6 hours in train and finally I reached bilaspur and 5:10 a.m. in the early morning. The temperature was down of bilaspur in the morning time since it rained yesterday the temperature was low also because of this. Me and my brother were confused now what to do and what not to. Auto rickshaw wala asking where to go sahab where to go sahab we just told him we are not going anywhere we are waiting for our friend to come. We then waited for one of our close friend to come in the station and pick up us from station. And then he came and went to his house for getting fresh.

Reaching Uslapur railway station because the train route is not going to Bilashpur railway station. Plus code- RCJ4+8V Uslapur, Madhya Pradesh.


After reaching my friend's house I was totally low I was confused now what to do since I was having more than 20 hours in my hand for my exam I was confused also because in this 20 hour I will not study since studying in the last hours of exam will be quite dangerous. So after bathing brushing and having breakfast I studied for 1 hour and then name my friend decided that we will go today for an outing since I was having plenty of time before my exam I told him yes and then plan was ready it was so exciting that I was not in fear of my exam I was totally distracted from my track but my key and focus point was exam I was not in actually district from my exam but was just in a mood to chill out and feel relaxed since I was having fatigue after travelling so I told him that after taking a rest we will go for outing during evening time and when I went to study.

Study time


After studying for an hour there was nothing for me to do in my friend's house I was feeling bored and then we had lunch in the lunch I had day arise dal and tinda sabji. I love eating tinda sabji since it gives lots of energy to do various types of tasks people generally hate eating tinde ki sabji. After having lunch we are so bored that I can't tell you soon as hour passed the boredom was started to getting low since the time for our outing was coming up. I venkat Reddy hot f****** and trust it neatly I wore mask and sent ise my hands scenes with travelling during Corona period is called dangerous water what to do since we are feeling bore we need to go to to some place that can be refresh our mood.

I clicked this picture because i want to show you how much i bored at that time😵


My friend decided today we will go to khuntaghat and dam that is situated 20 kilometres away from main bilaspur city so we need to travel 20 kilometres long to go to our destination. Since I used to live in a remote area looking at the address of city was right an extra ordinary feeling for me I was not have ritual of traffic lights traffic signals and trekking camp but at that moment I got to see all those things in the past I had experienced all the things but it was a long time back since I was in the city rush.

I clicked this picture when i was in main city of Bilashpur. Plus code- 34CX+VR Talapara, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh


Finally after travelling for one hour we reached our destination it was kutaghat dam water beautiful place it was as you can see in the picture all around a big dam with water overflowing through it and it was a scene of waterfall. Asit blowing wind net framework of adding Melody in the Switzerland weather of that place wine evening was a totally successful after visiting kutaghat dam we then enjoyed the scenery of that place and had many things and then we all decided that after spending one hour we will go back to our home.

Kutaghat dam, i am sharing plus code of nearby of this kutaghat dam because when i search in google map so there is no plus code showing in kutaghat dam. Plus code- 76Q8+9X Karra, Chhattisgarh


After returning from outing we were so tired that no person in the house was in the mood of cooking food and to have a usual dinner. Everyone was exhausted since it was a 40 kilometer long trip. Finally with all the consent of the family members and friends we decided to order pizza. I then downloaded the Domino's Pizza app and searched for my favourite flavoured pizza after that I put all the required formalities of the app and then ordered pizza. I ordered indi tandoori paneer flavoured pizza for me. App told me to wait for minimum 30 minutes for your delivery. After waiting for 20 minutes finally my pizza arrived Elegance in the big it was so tasty and delicious and literally ears with Sprite it was more tastier. We all had pizza in dinner after eating pizza I went to sleep I today have to 1 hour earlier since next day I was having my exam.

I paid for this pizza is 600 INR (in $8.15)

Today i also done my Achievement task 1 and i put link there...

Thats all for today activities i will come tomorrow with my another diary game till then stay safe and stay healthy.



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Hey even my grandmother stays at Bilaspur i love to go there for my vacations but now due to covid i am unable to travel there. Your pizzza looking too mouth watering yesterday even we all had home made pizza but that was not as good as yours .


Oh it is nice after covid we will definitely meet..
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Thank you

Nice diary. Pizza is looking delicious. But, the price is high. Maybe it has a awesome taste, so the price is high. Kutaghat dam is a beautiful place. You have enjoyed the day a lot.


Its large or midium size pizza thatswhy the price is high and also depends on flavour
Have a great day
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Thank you sir

Nice diary post. I think you have learned quickly. The tandoori paneer pizza is looking delicious.

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"if you could include white space/ a line gap between the paragraphs, your diary post will look more readable and become valuable" sir can you please tell me or suggest me any example for this because i don't understand....

"Please don't submit your diary entry older than 2 or max 3 days. If you post regularly, and in the allowed time frame, you may get more rewards." Sir i know that and i saying sorry for that but few past days i had an exam date and I was preparing for my exam and also i am shared all the journey as related to exam in my diary game.
Again i am sorry for this
Thanks for visiting here
Have a great day
#onepercent #india #affable