Hello everyone what's up , hope everybody had a great day. With new energy I'm here for another diary game so let's start summary for the day hope you all gonna like it....


Hey folks! Welcome to my blog. Once again my daily routine.And a very good morning.The more you feel energized, the more you have exciting moments!"
So, the day started at 5:30 am. I woke up for cycling but the weather asked me to stay inside. Ugh! Then I again went to bed for a nap. I then woke up at 7:30 am. After all the morning doings, my daily activity of bathing and brushing today I I did workout. Afterwards I passed my time watching TV and irritating my mom by asking her of what she's going to make in breakfast. As I told you earlier also I'm a damn foodie. So in the breakfast My mom made Dhokla with tasty tomatoe chutney. Ah! I loved it. dost totally very delicious and I love the taste in which my mummy cooked and made it.
After breakfast I want to do my activity and played video games.

Eating dhokla


While I was playing game after completing the word given by mum a bad thing happened with me. I got hurt with the elbow off the bed. The wooden part got stuck with my toe and it rushed my skin and it started bleeding as you can see in the picture which says you the situation and it was very painful. After then I went for the home remedy of that wound and then had rest. Afterwards I didn't do many job and work because of my mood also my mother told me to not to get up from the bed until and unless it gets healed up. So I was prevented from doing heavy work of my home. Then I decided to download and watch web series by simply sitting in my bed afterwards many hours passed and I started feeling hungry and it was time for lunch.

This is paining soo much


Since I got hurt and I was lying in my bedand watching Western movie it was now time for today's lunch my mummy ko and delicious and healthy non vegetarian lunch she cooked egg bhurji with tasty egg curry and desi chawal roti with chana masala sabji. All it was a complete lunch and very tasty and healthy lunch after having my lunch I want to to my bed and slept.

Healthy lunch


After sleeping when I woke up in the evening I saw my sister busy in the kitchen room then I ask from them what are they busy for then she told me that she is cooking momos with tomato chutney and it was the same quantity that was used in the decline in the modern time so I was very happy since the found in me e was made me upset but this news of making momos and having in my evening snack made me very happy.finally after one hour of hard work my system a delicious momos and it was served in my evening snack I love the taste of momos and tomato. Today's Momo was very spicy and tasty. Reason behind voice that today my sister used phase1 chutney in the momos in that it was very spicy.

A most waitable dish my mother made today. Momos is my favourite dish ever


Since I told you earlier in my block that momos were very spicy. And we were crying because of red hot chutney since it was too tu to is spicy because of red chilli and black pepper that was used in today's momos. so I decided to bring some sweet dessert shop and the best friend was to bring a biscuit with chocolate filled in it so I bought dark fantasy packet. I don't need to explain the very beautiful taste of dark fantasy. It cost me 125 rupees of this full packet. We had it and gave smoothness to our mouth since it was very sweet after this I went to do my evening prayer and then it was show time.

The cost of this dark fantasy biscuit is approximately 120 INR


Today again at 7:30 we started watching our great Indian festival Indian premier league commonly known as IPL today's match was between Kolkata Knight riders and Mumbai Indians a very hot and tough competition between two great after the first inning when it was over Mumbai Indians gave target of 196 runs to Kolkata Knight riders it is going to be very interesting match since Kolkata Knight riders are good in chasing run after the completion of one inning we went to have our dinner internet in today's dinner we had khichdi and it was very healthy and tasty after completion of my dinner I came back again to my TV and watched the second half of the match.

images (28).jpeg
The source from where i get this image.

Here you can see that MI (Mumbai Indians won the match against KKR (Knight riders).

That's all for today activities i will come tomorrow with my another diary game till then stay safe and stay healthy.



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So sorry to hear about your pain,just apply turmeric powder on it it stop bleeding.

Your dishes are looking so delicious and healthy. Hope you enjoy it.

#affable #india #onepercent


Thanks for your kind words
I will definitely work on it which you tell me for my pain.
Have a great day


Hope soon you get relief from your pain.

Take care of you.



Hello @steemcurator01 sir please visit on my diary game.