The diary game | Better Life with Steem | 26 November 2021 | Friday

2개월 전

Good Morning All,

Today is Friday last working day of this week. As in United State have a holiday so I also don't have much work pressure today.

I woke today at 8 am, stretched my body, used Facebook and Instagram after that did my regular morning activities.

As I had mentioned about a Korean web series Squid Game started to watch that. Continually watched till the evening at 5:30 pm and completed all episodes. That means I didn't work today the whole day only watched to web series. Today I had a call with the client but I was not sure about one call which was not canceled by the client. Where one of the calls was already canceled for the same company project but the different manager.

I had called at 7:30 pm but opened a chat tool where I can see to my client if he is online or offline. He was offline so I thought might be called will not happen today. I went to the nearby mall to purchase some grocery items. When reached there I was starving. So inside the mall ordered pizza who was prepared there. Gave me within 10 min.


The pizza taste was good. After eating I checked if the meeting is going on or not. Then I saw all were joined meeting so I also found a peaceful place and joined the meeting. Gave the status. After that did my shopping.

There I saw some paintings that looked beautiful. So captured a pic.


And I took a picture of some green plants.


After that I back to the room. I prepared dinner, finished my dinner at 11:30 pm, and then slept tight.


This is all for today. Hope you like my post.

Thank You.

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@sumitkr27 Your post shows that you have enjoyed your day very well.
Which pizza did you order from the mall?


They had only two varieties veg and nonveg, I had ordered nonveg pizaa. Thank you fir your time to reading my post.

Noone can stop watching squid game after an episode or two ..It's definitely a series to binge watch...Variety of plants are there, it looks good.
Have a gr8 day!



Noone can stop watching squid game after an episode or two

Agreed. Thank You.

Pizza looking mouth watering and all the paintings are looking beautiful and different.
Nice diary from your side @sumitkr27.



Thank you☺

Pizza looks super delicious. I also liked those paintings. Its definitely worth getting one for the home.

#affable #india


I am planning to buy when i shift new house in January. Thank you.

pizza looks delicious , plants looks beautiful ,nice post from your side .


Thank You.

You shared the painting pictures are very beautiful. @sumitkr.
keep posting.


I also liked those paintings. Thank You.