The diary game | Better Life with Steem | 27 October 2021 | Wednesday

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Good morning Steemians,

Hope all are well and healthy and doing great.

I woke up early morning at 8:45 am. Opened my mobile and used social media. On Facebook shown Bunty and Bubly trailer. I tried to make it full screen but it couldn't happen. Then I decided to watch on YouTube. Opened YouTube and watched the full trailer. As per the trailer hopefully, we are going to watch a good picture may be in the theater.

After watching the trailer started my morning activities. After that prepared breakfast for myself and ate.

Breakfast: Bred-Omlet with Tomato Ketchup

After breakfast went out to buy vegetables. Back to room in half our with vegetables. I only bought onion and potatoes. I couldn't find many options for vegetables.

I logged in for office work and resume the work that I had left. Worked for the next 1 hour after that to start my cooking. I am all alone for the next 1 month so I have to do all the home chores alone including Diwali cleaning. After cooking took shower and then I ate my lunch.

Lunch: Rice, Daal & Vegetable

After lunch walks for 15min and then started my work. In the middle of work was watching England vs Bangladesh match.

Now it's evening time I got the email from a client that they are canceling today's standup call.

After knowing that I went out for an evening walk. Back to the room after half an our and again start my work and finally logged out at 9 pm from office work.

After logging out prepared dinner and finished my dinner.

Roti & Egg Curry

After dinner walked for some time and then head to bed and slept.

That's all for today. Hope you like my post.

Thank You!

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Oops. I'm a vegetarian so I don't like any non veg food.

You shared a great diary.
Keep sharing.


You can say, do not like to eat nonveg food.

You're managing a lot of work together @sumitkr
Egg curry is looking yumm 😋
KeeP posting.


Yes, these day I have to manage everything by my self.

Thanks to visit my post.