The diary game | Better Life with Steem | 30 October 2021 | Saturday

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Good morning all,

I wake at 10:10 am, after wake up brushed my teeth, and drank hot green tea. After drinking the green tea prepared egg-fried rice for breakfast. After preparing did breakfast.

Breakfast: Egg Fried Rice

After breakfast sat to finish some work as today is the weekend so I planned to do some cleaning but there was some other work so today skipped this work. Checked some stock markets there were up and down some stocks but still, there was a good sign in some stocks. After checking this make a call at home and asked the status that what is going on there. After talking with mummy disconnected the call.

Now it's afternoon and have to prepare lunch. Today is Saturday so planned to prepare khichdi. It will prepare in short time so prepared khichdi in lunch and ate.

Lunch Khichdi & Fried Fish

When I was in college I had watched Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor's movie in 2012. But I have forgotten the story so again I watched it.

In the evening at 4 pm went out for some personal work and back to room in the night at 11:30 pm

When I was out I had eaten the samosa at a place. I was normally standing near the samosa shop then I saw a crowd there so I also thought to eat something there. There were multiple things for evening snacks but I decided to eat samosa. He charged for it 15rs for one samosa but the taste was really good.

Samosa | 15 INR(0.20 USD)

After coming back to the room washed my face and then head to bed and slept.
That's all for today.

Thank You.

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Tasty samosa. I like to eat samosha too much 😋😋.
Nice diary from your side.
Have a great day 😊


Thank you😊


Your welcome

I also like to eat samosa casually by standing, a nice diary from your side #india #affable


Yeah, i also eat casually but i like most.

All your food looking so delicious and giving mouth watering.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Take care.


Thank You.

At my home, we also prefer to have Khichdi on Saturday 😊
Samosa seems mouth watering 😋
Have a hai day ahead !


Yes, in North mostly we like to prepare khichdi on Saturday. Thanks for your time to reading my post.

I like khichdi w/fried fish:-) would you
Pls disclose recipe w/ us


Yes why not, but recipe for what khichdi or fried fish?

I saw your Samosa my mouth is watering. @sumitkr. keep posting.


Hahah everyone like samosa. Thank you to visit my post.

Smosa looking delicious @sumitkr27.
I also eat smosa in this styles.



Thank You😊