Betterlife " The Diary Game " 20 December 2020 " Beautiful photos of the lake endowed with the beauty of nature.

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How are you all my dear friends? I'm fine here. In today's post, I have shared with you beautiful photos of the lake endowed with the beauty of nature. I hope you like these photos. Even happier than that is the fact that I will be posting here again after a long time. In this too I found the community of bestofindia which is really very enjoyable for me. The photos of the lake I shared with you in today's post are from Pangong Lake. Pangong Lake is blessed with a wonderful natural beauty. The lake is surrounded by mountain peaks. The lake is located at an altitude of 4250meter above sea level. Pangong Lake is a wonderful feature. The color of the lake varies according to the climate and the cold. The color of the water in the lake is blue. When there is a slight change in the atmosphere, the color of the lake water will also be seen in green and violet shades.

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The beauty of the lake has doubled due to the pick of mountains in the background of the lake. In this photo the beautiful hills of the mountain are captured along with the lake. The beautiful formation of the cloud can be seen in this photo. This photograph is combination of 4 Main part of nature clouds, sky, Lake and mountains. Which shows the beauty of this place. It will never be forgotten in a lifetime.

NJ - 3630 22.jpg

The water of this lake is so clear that even the stones lying under the water can be easily seen. Clouds The white clouds in the sky look beautiful. The shadow of the clouds is falling on the mountains, which is also adorning the mountains.

NJ - 3656 33.jpg

The formation of white clouds in the blue sky makes this photo stunning. It is a pleasure to see these natural sights in real life. Which is impossible to describe here.

NJ - 3808 44.jpg

As I told you earlier, the color of this lake changes with the change of climate. In this photo Clouds appear in the sky. So the color of the lake water has turned green. Apart from this, the lake also turns blue and violet. These are really beautiful views. I hope you like this photo.

NJ - 3613 55.jpg

The word pengong is derived from the Tibetan word bangong. Which means "magical lake". And in fact even this lake looks magical. Because once you see it, you want to see it because of its beauty. Another feature of this lake is that it is located at an altitude of 4200 meters. Various shades are found in this lake. It also has a color blue. Which makes it look like the sea. The lake is 5 kilometers wide and 130 kilometers long and ends in Tibet. So 55% of it is located in Tibet. The lake is full of natural beauty. I have share photos of this lake can be seen in it.

Pengong Tso is located at a distance of 225 kilometers from Leh. This distance can be covered in 6 hours by car. This route passes through Chang La Pass. Which is known as the 3rd highest motorable pass in the world. Its height is estimated at 5280 meters. As I mentioned above, another feature of this lake is that, as the weather changes. The water is so clear that rocks can be seen within 5 meters of the shore. From this one can guess how pure the water will be. Pangong is a remote area. Where mobile phone service does not work. There are satellite phones in the army camp to communicate. There is only one way to communicate with the outside world.

These photographs are taken from Apple iPhone6s f/2.2 Focal length 4mm.

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