The diary game | 25 Dec 2020 | Stunning photos of nature captured during a visit to the Valley of Flowers.

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How are you all my dear friends? I hope you are all fine. Today's post is based on natural beauty. These photos I captured on camera during my Valley of Flowers trek. The Valley of Flowers is naturally endowed with wonderful greenery. The plants seen here are flowering plants that are not found anywhere else in the world. Which grows only and only here. In this post I have shared with you some photos of the plant and its flowers. Thousands of species of flowers and plants are found here. If you search in Google about this place, you will find a lot of information here. The atmosphere here is also wonderful. The mountains here turn green in the monsoon season. The beauty of this place shines through. During the monsoon season, the weather here changes in just 5 minutes. If there is sunshine in the sky, it rains in 5 minutes and if it rains, the sky also opens. Which is a feature of the atmosphere here. We visited this place in the monsoon season. This is a tough track.

20180806_185037 11.jpg

This photo was captured while I was traveling by vehicle to reach the Valley of Flower camp. The road from the airport to the camp is mountainous. Looking at the green mountains and clouds, it seems as if we have come to heaven. Really wonderful place.

20180808_090021 22.jpg

About the third day after the trekking started we reached the valley where there were thousands of plants and flowers of different varieties. A white flower of which I liked and I captured it in the camera. Let me share it with you.

20180808_080831 33.jpg

During the trek, I saw a tree trunk on the road. In which there was enough space for a small animal to live easily. Which I captured on camera.

20180808_091214 44.jpg

This is another photo of a plant with no leaves. Which aroused curiosity in me to capture it in the camera.

20180807_070610 55.jpg

Stunning natural scenery from a height during trekking. In which the mountains are covered with a green sheet. The mountains and the clouds were touching each other. It was a truly amazing sight.

20180808_091937 66.jpg

This is also a wonderful view taken from a height. I hope you like these photos.

20180808_080009 77.jpg

20180808_091207 88.jpg

These photographs are taken from Samsung SM-G955F f/1.7 Focal length 4mm.

These photos were taken during the Valley of Flowers trek. The Valley of flower is located in the Chamoli District Uttarakhand state India. Height of this valley is 3300 to 3650 meters above sea level.

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Thank you for visit.

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