It Is My Dialysis Today And Mother Cooked Some Special Dish


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How To Cook Pork Leg In Vinegar

I know that my parents realize that I am suffering from appetiteloss which is why if I didn't finish my meal they will not point it out on me so either I will or will not be able to eat is the question. If I would not finish my meal then our dog will finish it for me.

Now it is my dialysis and my mother is cooking a stewed pork leg in vinegar. She had let me put how much vinegar and fish sauce to be put in that 1 kilo of pork leg which is almost half is skin and fat which makes it nice to eat provided that it is cooked correctly.

But my mother always is unable to tenderize it fully unlike if I was the one cooking it where I would put it in a pressure cooker and then simmering it down until the liquids is reduced making a thick oily sauce but decadent sauce and very nice to eat with rice.


So how it will taste? it tastes like an Adobo dish but it lacks soy sauce which is one of the ingredients of Adobo while others cook Adobo without soy sauce for that matter.

The winning aspect of a pork leg cooked in vinegar was the pork itself, the fat is really nice to eat with rice of course because the fat is cooked with vinegar which gives it a distinct taste together with basic ingredients of either salt or fish sauce, garlic, onions, black pepper, bay leaves, and dried banana blossoms if available.

But with this special dish I really still can't eat that much which is why I am just sad about it because I am missing out on enjoying such food where at one point before I was under my parathyroid medicine even simple foods tastes sweet for me but now it is just frustrating where the frustration I am feeling really has no clear indication yet that it will go away until some drastic measures is done to my health.

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