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To understand history, you need to carefully analyze the artifacts of the past.
South Korea recently opened a new center where detailed studies of excavations can be conducted under one roof.
Bokyung Kim introduces the Cultural Heritage Analysis Information Center.
Analyzing a cultural heritage for conservation is just as important as appreciating its beauty.
The National Institute of Cultural Properties recently opened a Cultural Heritage Analysis Information Center to study the daily life of ancient people and uncover the secrets of history.

“Before the center opened, all the data and samples were scattered where only the experts in charge could know it, but now when all the studies are gathered in one center, we can store samples and collect data systematically.

The skeletons found at the excavation site are investigated here. Through the collagen and protein in bone powder... experts can tell what the deceased ate at the time... and their DNA can tell their age, sex and height.
Researchers also study inorganic materials to determine where the material of the cultural property came from, and use some kind of infrared light to thoroughly investigate the discord.

“One of the most valuable equipment the center will have is the'accelerator mass spectrometer' machine.
Currently, only pretreatment tools are available, but when AMS arrives this August, the carbon dating of heritage items will be available. "

"Determination of heritage dating is the most basic task, but we've been asking other companies or organizations abroad to do that. With AMS, we now have independent radiocarbon dating of bone, paper, and assets like that You can figure it out as a fabric."

Through this new center, experts look forward to gaining new insights into Korean cultural properties by systematically managing cultural heritage analysis data through a central platform.
Kim Bo-kyung, Arirang News, Daejeon

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