Crying Myself To Sleep Tonight

2개월 전


The last couple of days hasn't been a good one for me emotionally and there have been multiple instances where I just had to cry m,y heart out in front of my friends. The reason behind this is two things the first being the fact that my Dad Quit his Job and will be transferring to a new Garden pretty soon but the major reason for my Emotional Disbalance is the fact that I had to say Goodbye to my Dog, scratch that I couldn't even say goodbye to him.

Never in my life did I think that I would get so close to a Dog so much that I would be in literal tears for a Dog but that is exactly what happened. This is the same Dog that bit me three times and I had to get a total of 21 Injections because of that. Even right now while I am writing this post my heart is still coping with this and I have also asked people how my Dog was doing and it seems he is not doing that good.

It's pretty clear that he is also sad about the way I and my family are feeling Sad that we had to say Goodbye. Rocky which is the name of my Dog was not actually ours, to begin with, we were just taking care of him for the last 4 years and because of that even though we feel deeply for him we can't take him with us and that freaking kills me from the inside.


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