Google may Launch their Smartwatch Lineup

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After Covid-19 hit us all health has been something that has been on everyone's mind and people are now willing to put in extra money than what they were previously spending for. For example, Health Insurance Policies has increased significantly in India in the last couple of years and one other thing that I feel is quite important to have is a Proper Smartwatch that can track important Vitals of your Body 24/7 like Heartbeat, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, and many more features.

Now when it comes to health tracking we also have to make sure that we get a decent Smartwatch that tracks all vitals as accurately as possible. That is the reason why I am looking to buy a new smartwatch for like 6 months and even though the new Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch launched in that period the price seemed a bit too much so now that Google is also looking to enter the Smartwatch Market I feel like this could be a good Smartwatch for me.

Since it's Google I am expecting top-notch features and software from them but I am still waiting to hear what the Hardware is going to be for this new upcoming Smartwatch from Google. Even though Google did acquire Fitbit I am still not sure if their new Smartwatch will be as durable as other Flagship Smartwatches in the Market.


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