8 JAPANESE PHRASES FOR Japanese beginners ("完全な初心者、日本語会話 8フレーズ")

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8 JAPANESE PHRASES FOR Japanese beginners ("完全な初心者、日本語会話 8フレーズ")

The original Youtube title is "8 EASY JAPANESE PHRASES FOR TRAVEL IN JAPAN"

No. 1 is 'すみません' (if You want to talk someone, need their help, get a someone's attention, it's like 'excuse me' in English)

No.2. is 'どこですか?'(Where is something) ekiwa dokodesuka? (Where is the train station? if you want to ask where the station is and Don't be afraid to talk the police in Japan)

No.3 . is 'ありがとう ございます' (it means 'thank you'. even if you only remember one phrase, 'arigtou gozaimasu' is the best one. You can short it to just like 'arigato' or 'どうも')

No.4. is '行きたいです'(It means 'I want to go somewhere'), 食べたいです(I want to eat something', 買いたいです(I want to buy something) , eki ni ikitaidesu(It means 'I want to go the train station')

駅に 行きたいんですが. 駅は どこに ありますか?(I wanna go to the station Where is the station?

寿司が 食べたいですが, おいしいお寿司屋さ んがどこ にありますか(i want to eat sushi, where is a good sushi store)

No.5. is 'ありますか'(You're asking if something exists, They point you in the direction of the place ) カツどんありますか?(at the restaurant, You can say like it. Do you have kastdon? )

No.6. is 'なくしました'(I have lost something), Saifu nakushimashita(I lost my wallet)

No.7. is 'いいですか?' ,' (Is it okay? is it fine? are you ok? ) '大丈夫ですか?'(May I do something? ) Answer is NO(ダメです, いけません, やめて ください)

No. 8. is '日本語は 分 かりません, 英語は できますか?(I don't understand Japanese, Can you speak English?)

日本語を 全然 分からないです(I don't know any Japanese at all)

日本語は少しできます(I can speak Japanese a little.)

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