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"My words before steemit "

Before joining the steemit, the current situation was very bad. It was very difficult to meet the expenses. The situation was that the expenses were not being met.

Expenses were rising day by day. While the source of income was right there. Because doing a private job is very easy. But it is very difficult to do a private job in a foreign country. Accommodation that rents, and three meals a day. It is very difficult to buy everyday necessities. It is also important to have a place to live in order to pursue a private career. And the rest of the things that happen, have to be done. Expenses keep rising. Income stays the same.

"Words after joining steemit"

Then a friend told me about the steemit. He explained how you can improve your spending. I joined the steemit. And I saw that this is such a wonderful platform @steem-skillshare. Where many friends see their own abilities, trying to meet their daily needs. I have learned a lot from the estimate. And I found my expenses very easy to complete. So I joined the @Steemit.

First of all I am extremely grateful. Of the @Steemit community, thanks to which I am meeting all my expenses today. And running your needs life better. Learned a lot from it. And within this community I shared my post. With regards to photography, I uploaded my post. And in that I get votes. I am once again very grateful to this community.


images (1).jpeg

This is one such platform. In which a new step has been taken. For the betterment and benefit of all steemians. The move is encouraging people to save and secure the future through power-ups. It aims to power up 50% of our weekly earnings. And the remaining 50% is to be cashed out. This means that the more power we do, the more chances we have of voting up. Convert sbd10 to Steems. So I used it to STEEM POWER UP.
So for future growth I need to be committed to increasing my weekly income by at least 50% or more. If I cash out 50 stems today. So I have to make sure that I power up 50 stems on the same day. This process of development will be beneficial for those who power up 50% of their income and cash out 50%. You will not need any special power up post. Just power up 50% of your weekly income. And cash the rest.


what is benefits club 5050

I hope this program will help improve people's future. It will develop the people and the platform. This will help people increase their voting. Those who earn from it will be enthusiastic for prosperity. It will also try to get others to vote. Everyone on the platform should be involved in improving this new system. We should all be proud that this program is great. And everyone should get involved.


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Special thanks to

Regards @cryptokethor

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