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Greetings to this esteemed community, and it is a pleasure for me to participate in this English assignment by @ftz. Pleas look through my work.


Define pronunciation in your own words.

A pronunciation can be defined as a way in which a particular word or a language is spoken, correctly. It is the write way to pronounce sounds our words as well.
We need to note that the pronunciations of words can differ depending on many factors.


What is the importance of pronunciation?

We need to know that pronunciation is important for English language. The pronunciation training is the most important when it comes to mastering ant foreign language including English.
Poor pronunciation creates a barrier in understanding between you and the person you are communicating with. Good pronunciation also helps to improve our social skills. It helps to aviod miscommunication.



  • We can do that by imitating the way a teacher speaks
  • We should simplify big words by breaking them into syllabus
  • We should read aloud everyday to strengthen our jaw muscles
  • Learn when to stress words and sounds
  • We need to pay attention to our intonation and stress
  • We could also learn by using good English dictionaries online
  • We could break down words into sounds
  • Make certain words bigger by exaggerating them.
  • We could try practicing with a friend
  • We can speak as much as we can do that it will master us.


Research on the two websites I mentioned for improving pronunciation and mention which one you have found helpful and why.

I prefer to use the oxford learners dictionary because, when I enter their page, they offer 'topic dictionaries' which contains topic-related words, that can help expand vocabulary, I clicked 'communication', since this is vital in pronunciation. It brought out different topics and I selected 'grammar'
It taught me many words as well as the right and wrong way to pronounce them, that way I can improve my communication skills. That is why I say that the oxford learners dictionary is much easier to use.



This lesson has helped me to understand basic pronunciation skills, and I am glad to have learned so many words too

Special thanks goes to @ftz for the simple lesson and @madilyn02 for inviting me to this class.

This is the link to my introduction post


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Your write up shows that you understand the lesson well. Keep it up dear!


Thanks a lot ma❤️💕❤️💗💞

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English is really good, I see how you are doing great and awesome, thanks for the invite


Your welcome dear


It's a pleasure dear