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Good day, #SteemSkillshare community. I am new here and I'm excited to share my entry for the Food Photography Contest initiated by My entry is a little late because I've been quite busy lately, and I can't always be online nowadays owing to a sluggish internet connection.

My entry on Grilled Shrimp Salad; I hope you love it!

food shrimp salad and greens with maris gp.jpg

What inspired me to take this food photo? I chose to do so since I am a great lover of Seafood Salad. An explanation of how I shot the photo and why I decided to photograph this particular food.

The snapshot was taken with my Vivo Y51 mobile, and I captured a platter of grilled shrimp salad that a good friend of mine gave me a few hours earlier and that she prepared herself.

I did not use any artificial lighting or high exposure; instead, I merely utilized my phone's default mode.

It's a rainy-day version of one of my favorite salads. My friend knows how much I enjoy salads, particularly seafood salads. I adore the way she prepared it, especially the dressing; it's delectable! It is a creamy homemade dressing for the ultimate salad experience.

Seafood is one of my favorite proteins I also cook since I know it will be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Because I don't use mayo in my homemade dressing, I replaced it with full fat yogurt (don't use low fat!) for a creamy texture, vinegar for tang, parmesan cheese for bite, and anchovies for a slightly salty undertone. So, what was the outcome? An absolute delicacy that is far fresher than traditional salad dressing! The salad is perfectly complimented by the homemade dressing, which is salty and tangy.

Perfect for a cold rainy day at home while I'm doing an online job, caring for my physically and intellectually challenged son, and too lazy to cook dinner. This type of healthy meal makes both my son and me very pleased.

This snapshot, I believe, accurately depicts the flavor of my taste buds.

15% payout of this post goes to @steem.skillshare

Thanks for taking the time to look over my entry for the Food Photography Contest initiated by Wishing you a pleasant day.

God speed,


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Ang sarap naman nyan ate


Ay, talaga ka! Sobra. Alam ng friend ko na favorite ko kasi kapag lumalabas kami para kumain sa resto hanap ko agad seafood salad. Dalu ko ana.

Very beautiful photo


Thanks a lot! I'm just curious as to how I can become a member of the community. Is it enough to just subscribe and delegate?

Hang yummy naman nyan! Fave ko din shrimps with salads.


Talagang napakasarap, Sis! Basta seafood sorry I won't share it to anyone...hahaha

Yummy 😋 I want this salad 🥗


Hi there, Ma'am @milakz! Sure you can easily prepare it for yourself. Thanks fordropping by.

kasarap namn yan sis.


Madali lang iprepare yan bro. Try it yourself.

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Oh, thank you so much for the boost @steemskillshare. I just joined the trail this afternoon.

Nice capture and looks yummy! I want to participate in this contest too, when is the due date?


Thanks, @long888. You still have time po. It will be tomorrow. Post na!

Excelente fotografía @joshuelmari, realmente provocativa y apetitosa me dieron muchas ganas de comer camarones,



Muchas gracias, @zulma2021. El marisco es mi favorito. Me alegro de que mi amigo me haya regalado esto.