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Question 1

the Subject-Verb agreement in your words.

Subject verb agreement simply means the relationship or agreement between a subject and a verb. This agreement can be in number or tense
Subject verb agreement can also be defined as the way in which the the subject and verb agree with each other in a sentence.
The subject must agree with the verb in the sense that if the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural. And if the subject is singular the verb must also be singular.
Lydia works in the bank

The above sentence illustrates the agreement between the subject, Lydia and the verb, works
The subject is singular and so the verb agrees with the subject by being singular.

Question 2 and 3

Search and Explore the 7 rules you have learned and explain in your own words how you understand them.
Provide 5 examples with each of the 7 rules you have learned. Note, the examples I used are excluded.

Rules of subject verb agreement and examples for each


Rule no. 1

When subject are made up of nouns and are joined by AND, they are viewed as plural and therefore, they take up a plural verb.
This means that a group list of nouns divided by AND are viewed as singular and so they take up a plural verb to agree with one another.


1). The lecturer and the students walk to the hall

2). The girl, boy and parents eat together

3). The mountains, hills and valleys sing praises

4). The tortoise and the hare fight over a beautiful maiden

5). @madilyn02, @benson6 and @fortwis09 walk through the dessert plains

Rule no. 2

If a subject is associated with the word Each and Every, it is viewed as singular and so the verb must also take a singular form for them to agree with each other.


1). Each student is required to drop their homework before deadline

2). Every family has its own values

3). Each teacher grades assignments

4). Each one will carry his own load

5). Each bird sings a song in the night

Rule no. 3

When subjects that are plural are connected by Or, nor or but, the agreement takes place between the verb and the closest subject.


1). Neither you nor your classmates study history
2). Either David or John loves the maiden
3). Not mom but dad accompany us to school
4). Neither Sarah nor her sisters show respect for elders
5). No man nor woman is an island

Rule no. 4

Indefinite pronouns in a sentence is viewed as singular subjects and so must take up a singular verb.


1). Nobody walks through the fire and never gets burnt

2). Everyone eats 3 times a day

3). Everyone shows love for his family

4). No one runs and never gets tired

5). Love brings about happiness

Rule no. 5

In other to find the main subject in a sentence, we separate the verbal and prepositional phrase from the sentence


1). The employer (along with all the laborers) works overnight main subject is the employer

2). The woman and her husband (including their children) suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic

3). The children (along with other playmates) goes to the beach every Saturdays

4). The man (along with his family) travels to London every holiday

5). David, Terah (including their little sister) goes for a visit in the discovery land

Rule no. 6

Depending on the prepositional phrase in a sentence, most indefinite pronouns and nouns are viewed as singular or plural.
Some of these words are: Some, Most, None, all etc.


1). All except one (of the jewelries) have been purchased

2). Most mother's restrict their kids (from the use of cellphones) during school days

3). None of the shoes (purchased by mother) fits my little sister

4). The kids (both young and old) plays at the river side every Saturday

5). The family (of Mr. David) eats a lot

Rule no. 7

When a subject is a collective noun, the verb have to be in singular form.


1). The school is running a debate

2). Mr. David's household travels to the village
on holidays

3). Youths in the family sleeps late at night

4). The whole team plays together

5). The footballers walks into the field

Thanks to everyone for reading through my post to this level. I will keep improving in the future.


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