Proposal: First Video Meet up on Steem Skillshare online on Discord ?



Hello everyone!!

Steem Skillshare Team wants to be even closer to you. We can build a stronger Community by having video meet ups. We can see each other on Discord video conference. The teachers and the students can greet each other.
We have only one difficulty is time zone as some people wake up and some go to sleep at the same time.
Our moderator team is international so they live in different time zones as well.

I would love to hear your opinion about having video meetups .


  • Would you like to meet other users on video?
  • Would you like to transform lessons on Steem SkillShare in real business? ( Would you like to teach online and record videos?)
  • Are you interested in promoting your skills outside Steemit?
  • Do you use Steem Skillshare for learning or teaching?
  • Do you speak fluent English?
  • What time zone are you?


  1. Each week we will select one speaker who will have a speech during meet up on certain educational topic.
    2)The speaker will first have an interview with the Steem Skillshare team who will evaluate his skills and approve or disapprove the candidate
  2. The successfully performed speaker will be rewarded from Steem Skillshare Community account based on the work and preparation of the speaker
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This is a beautiful proposal, I like the idea because I believe people learn more with videos.

Wow, excelente propuesta.
Pronto tendrán telegram?


Wow this is nice @milakz

This is awesome idea,some communities are on discord,so why not ours? I surpot that idea.this is @eddyvic

Great idea!
I'm in support of this, at least we can get to learn and interact with each other facially.

It's great, I love this idea. The only thing I don't know is how to communicate with everyone because of the language problem! I will only write to them, or I will put the translator : D

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Wow, this is a great initiative and I think this would help teachers and students to know each other well.


Thank you😊

This is a brilliant idea. Hope to see everyone @steemskillshare.


Welcome 🤗

This is a great idea


Welcome 🤗

Wow! this is great and I like it