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Hello all parents of little babies!!

I saw that there are many young people on Steemit that means potentially there are many young parents who may have a lot of questions as soon as they become parents. It is normal to be confused nowadays as there is so much information on Internet. But I am a qualified specialist to make your life easier and make your baby develop in healthy and happy way.

My course will help you to create a healthy menu for the whole family including your little one.

Course includes:

  • How to cut vegetables and meat
  • How to cook food to preserve more vitamins
  • How to give baby small pieces and from what age

It is important that baby is introduced to variety of foods try to make menu more optional in case he didn't like some taste, he can always try something else. The richer the menu the healthier is for baby. It is best if baby can develop attractiveness to food by being encouraged to eat, throw, play with food without negative reactions from grownups.


Contact me here if you need to purchase Baby Led Weaning course

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Interesting to learn everything related to feeding babies. I hope that many parents can take advantage of this opportunity.