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Basics of Baby-led Weaning soft method of feeding babies before 1 year old. I am a mom of two little wonderful kids. With my first baby I fight for each spoon
of puree, it was very frustrating. So when I got my second baby I was searching for alternative way of feeding that teaches babies to eat pieces of food.


What is Baby-led Weaning

To put in simple words it means no baby food puree but you give same food to your baby, the same what is on your plate goes to your babies plate. That also means your plate must be healthy so it's a good way to put the whole family on healthy diet. Since baby starts to show interest in food you are eating, you can start to offer small bites and let baby feed himself.


What are the advantages of this method?

There are plenty of advantages as you don't have to cook separately for baby. The baby doesn't feel to be separated from the rest of the table. He or she learns to put food in the mouse and it helps to develop a lot of skills. With this method normally all babies start to have more fun with food. They eat with more interest and can show their food preferences.


What are the disadvantages of this method?

There is just one is that by feeding himself, the baby makes more mess as the freedom he has is much more than when you feed him spoon by spoon. You must be patient to clean up after each meal. I will share with you all tricks and tips.

My online course will teach you:

  • How to easily organise all feeding process
  • How to let baby go to the table even when grandma comes
  • You will easily see that the baby ate enough
  • The Baby will naturally form eating habits and preferences without complications
  • You Don't need every day worry of what to cook for baby
  • You can easily go out to restaurants or friends and let your kid enjoy the meal with others.

See you in my next posts!! Happy feeding to everyone!

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This is very lovely, I really hope you will succeed with this offer

Wow, I can't wait to learn from you, I have a baby that I have to cook her food separate almost all the time.

Hola amiga excelente publicación!

hi there.. i blw trained my baby too from 6 months..but when we went to a vacation and my baby found other babies being spoonfed, he started loving being fed too and would refuse to pickup his food, he'd just play and throw them. he was 12 months already when he acted like that...

Я знаю, что это неуместно упоминать в ответе на вашу статью, но одна строчка применима. Возможно, вы можете прочитать кое-что из этого своему мужу и посмотреть, считает ли он их забавными. Бывает, что сразу несколько шуток случаются. В данном случае это шутки про уродливых детей.

Когда он был младенцем, он был таким уродливым ...

  • доктор посмотрел ему в лицо, перевернул ребенка, посмотрел на другой конец и сказал: «Смотри, это близнецы».

  • доктор перевернул младенца и ударил ... родителей.

  • отец сказал: «О, какое сокровище. Похороним это».

  • сказал пожарный: «Лицо горит. Дай топором потушу ».

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(и тот, который применим)

Когда он был младенцем, он был таким уродливым ... его мать кормила его из рогатки.

Может быть, вашему мужу это покажется смешным.

Не обращай внимания на мой юмор. Продолжайте хорошую работу. Это очень продуманный контент.

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Ignore my humour. Keep up the good work. This is very thoughtful content.