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The most common question I recieve is " Is my baby hungry?" Parents are worried and scared that the baby can stay hungry after self feeding. I am going to remove this fear from your head.


Our main goal at the beginning is to encourage kid to try different varieties of food with different tastes nd textures. Before the only food for the baby was milk or some supplements with similar tastes, texture and temperature. After 6 months we open for him a new world of tastes and smells with various temperatures. We must not force him to eat certain portion of food. We just give him opportunity to try and taste. That will be enough at the initial stage.

Even if you try the traditional method of feeding your child which is called pediatric method. It is suggested to start feeding baby just with one tea spoon of puree. That means 0 calories so there is no threat to breastfeeding as it is still the main source of food at 6 months.

BananaSweet potato
English muffinGround beef or turkey
Brown riceScrambled Eggs
ToastRoasted Chicken
QuinoaString Cheese
PastaCottage Cheese
White riceyogurt
LentilBlack beans

As your baby will be growing with the time, he will naturally improve his chewing and swallowing skills. He will learn to feed himself with small pieces and doesn't have to switch from puree to pieces. The older your baby gets, the more he will eat.


If your baby at the age of 6-7 months eats little solids, then it is normal as he still gets nutrition from the milk. If you are almost 1 year old and he still doesn't eat enough solids to satisfy the hunger, then you must check with your pediatrician.

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In China we also don't give puree food.

Thank you for your post. Can you please give more information what your online course includes?😊

This information is very important for every mother who wants to include food little by little to her baby, so that she knows different types of flavors and textures!