Community support- Delegation 750 Steem Power to steem.skillshare

3개월 전
Hello everyone,

Today, after the recent support I got for my last publications, here on steem.skillshare, I finally decided to rise my delegation to 750 Steem Power.


Why this community

In the steem ecosystem, there are many valuable community, but in my opinion so far the steem.skillshare, is the one that drowe my attention the most.

It is very hard to share your views and your skills online, and find a place that can help you find a public, and a source of income is very important. Steemit, and steem.skillshare gave me this fantastic opportunity!

Online there is practically the whole world, but get the chance that your voice could be heard in this vast universe as internet is, is harder and harder day by day, and find the right motivation with a good reward for your hard work is even harder.

As I said, this community gave me both these opportunities at once, and not just that!

It gave me the possibility to read other people quality posts about their passions, and skills, so meanwhile I write about what is more important for me, and about what I think I can share my skills, I can learn something very useful, and interesting, like a foreign language or a technical computer skill, that is always very important, from other people.

All of these reasons together convinced me, that for now steem.skillshare, is the right place to be, and that's why I want to pay back, even just a bit, with my delegation to help this nice group of people to prosper as much as possible!

I hope this idea could be the same for as many people as possible out there, because, I think, that together nothing will stop us, even during these crazy times!


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Excellent support, thanks for contributing to the #Steemskillshare community!