ONLINE BABY- LED Weaning course. Recipes for the whole family

2개월 전

Hi everyone!!
I am going to continue my Baby-led Weaning course and share some values information.
Recipes that are suited for kids from 12 months and the whole family can enjoy delicious food.

  • Roasted Sweet potato wedges

They are easy and fast to cook. All you need is to peel and cut sweat potato and just put in the oven. This food is good for the whole family. Sweet potato is nutritional and super healthy.

  • my all time favourite spinach pancakes. Just add spinach into your regular pancake recipe.


  • mini quiche for babies

I think it is very important that babies see you eat the same food as them and they feel your participation in what they eat. The baby must enjoy same food with the whole family at the same time.

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Its look delicious 🤗