Parenting Skill Online Course: How to start potty training

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Parenting won't be stressful for you if you let your child develop not according to the books and in accordance with the age but according to his individual development.


Many parents ask me if their baby is supposed to talk or to walk. My simple reply: " he/ she is supposed to do it just when they are completely ready." You can only encourage or stimulate your baby to develop harmoniously but you can not make him / her or force to do something based on information you find.

The main idea is not to get stressed or frustrated. Your baby is will learn everything at his own pace. Trust your baby and enjoy parenting by observing, caring and listening to your little one.

Don't think about age

It is common that at the young age we are pressed by society as well as our parents who compare little one to his peers. If we talk about potty training age (1.5 years old - to 3 years old), it is not recommended to start training before 1 year old. Since the baby at that age is not able to control physically the processes of peeing and defecation.

You can start your first attempts at the age of 18 months to 2 years old. Normally by age of 3 the baby is ready and can do it because of toilet reflex is well developed.

Observe if your baby is ready for potty

It doesn't depend on babies age, but following tips wilm let you understand if he / she are ready
*Defecation is approximately at the same time.

  • The diaper stays dry for 2 hours. That means the bladder muscles are strong enough to retain fluid.
  • The baby feels discomfort in a wet dirty diaper
  • The baby knows such words as poop 💩 and pee
  • He knows how the body parts and types of clothes are called
  • He can sit in the same posture for 5 minutes
  • He shows interest in grownups toilet procedures

Make it a rule to put your baby on the potty before and immediately after bedtime, some time after feeding, before and after a walk, before and after naps, and before bathing. Plant for no more than 3-5 minutes.

How to potty train a child quickly?

  1. First of all keep your baby without diapers. The kid must see his body, establish a connection between the urges and consequences.

  2. The pot should be within sight and reach, that is, on the floor in the nursery, let the child get to know it,let him sit if he wants.

  3. It is necessary to offer the baby a pot with words explaining why it is needed: "honey, let's pee (poop) into the pot ... The pot is needed in order to pee and poop into it."

  4. Every time after an "accident", gently remind the child about the existence of the pot: "honey, where should you pee?" In no case do not yell at your baby or force him to sit on the pot, so that he does not develop an aversion to this object. If the pot was used properly, praise the baby so that the child has pleasant emotions associated with the use of the pot.

  5. To go to the toilet, you need to relax. In a stressful situation, in an unfamiliar environment, in front of strangers, the baby cannot relax and go to the potty. This must be taken into account when potty training.

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It's true, babies learn at their own pace and we shouldn't force them!


Absolutely!! Nature knows better 😊

Thanks for this very interesting and informative post!


Welcome 🙏

This is quite interesting, my baby is one year old and I have been thinking I need to start potty training, the first time I did she didn't find it funny at all and I taught I started late but thank you for this post of yours, I know better now.


You are most welcome🥰🥰🥰. I am glad my post are beneficial on Steemit.