Steem Skillshare Instagram Official Account Report. PROMOTE YOURSELF

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Please tag @natulya21 if you want to be published on Steem SkillShare Instagram Official Account.


  • All authors who can prove photos belong to them
  • Photos must be of high quality with good light
  • Photos that can attract public on Instagram to join Steem Skillshare
  • Your content must be original and creative
  • Try to show your skills in action and make a photo of work process

Tagging and Repost

We can promote Steem SkillShare and get popular on Instagram that will lead to community growth which will be beneficial for everyone. Tag Steem Skillshare Official Instagram Account and repost us when you like the content.


On October, 9 we have



You can send your reels for Steem SkillShare Official Account, for example:

  • if you are a painter, record a video of short painting maximum 1 minute

  • if you are cooking, record a video of short cooking maximum 1 minute


Stories are great for those who want to be featured during short period of time. Photos and videos are welcome

Create a post for Instagram Steem Skillshare

Tell us about your skill and we feature you as an artist in our profile.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Great initiative. Social media is a way to let the world know more about steemit.


yes you are absolutely right. Could you please give me some advice how can I help to promote steemit community as a I m website and app developer??I have created online video downloader for downloading instagram and Facebook videos you can read my post and if you like my post please support me just share my website with your friends.have a nice day❤️

great start for encouraging skills people who are talented must participate in your program.But I am a app and website developer and I have created my online video downloader tool to download instagram and Facebook videos. You can read my post.I have only this much skill and I am not sure whether I will be able to earn steem or steem dollar in future.