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Dear members of steem skillshare, It's my pleasure to be hosting a contest here in our lovely community, about 6 months ago when I discovered the community and I have been posting and participating in the contest been organized by the members. Today is my turn conduct a contest and I hope you all will participate in it.

There are many crypto knowledge and skills out there that we have gain a substantial amount of it and use it to maximize our investment to gain profit. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrencies when I joined steemit so I'm pretty sure you all have something to share.


What Is Expected Of You In This Contest?

The contest focuses on crypto knowledge and skills, so I would like you to share anything related to Crypto Trading, Investment Tips, Outcome, Analysis etc. Literally that involves cryptocurrencies and blockchain can be discussed.


Rules Of The Contest

  • The entry of this contest should be in the steemskillshare community.

  • The format for your tittle should be :- CRYPTO SKILL || sharing My Crypto Knowledge/Skill || @Username

  • Plagiarism is an offense, do not plagiarise, post must be #steemexclusive

  • Set at least 15% to @steem.skillshare for community support.

  • Set at least 25% to @null in support to #burnsteem25. Optional

  • Use #crypto-skill and #learnwithsteem among your 3 tags for me to identify.

  • Invite at least 2 of your friends to participate in the contest.

  • Follow Me, Resteem and upvote this publication.

  • Images must original and free from copyright and properly sourced.

  • Ensure you submit the link to your post in the comment section.

  • Contest will run from now till the payout of this post .



  • 1st place gets booming with 75% curation trail
  • 2nd place gets booming with 50% curation trail
  • 3rd place gets booming with 25% curation trail


  • if any of the conditions stated above are not met, you'll be disqualified.
  • Winners will be selected based on the quality of his/her entry.
  • This contest aims to increase engagement in the Steem Skillshare Community.

25% to @null, 10% to @steem.skillshare

Cc. @steem.skillshare, @milakz, @lhorgic, @disconnect

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Great contest dear 😌