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A big Hello to everyone

Hopeful for your good health, I'm new in this community, its starting post so i have to introduce me, I'm simi ch from Pakistan. By profession I'm in police department but my inspiration is to serve the people

10% Payout to @steem.skillshare

My biggest Aim of my life to serve people. I always finds my ways to serve no matters how small the act .I always follow my heart and my heart get blossoms whenever i do such type of acts .I always treat everyone equal, appearance and race dose not matters I always love humanity.I want to be Visionary Police officer Not want to rule or i just want to change perspective.
I want to write here about life couching , i know everyone has different life , but these all are the reactions of our actions. We are liable to our lives.
Today my topic is
Are you prince /Princess or magician of your life

Purpose behind this post

We can easily identify our personalities and also we can finds our guts and can figure out it. So let's start ..

We are well aware about our lives and ways of life spending, living a life is different than go through the life its same as

Some Wed's for living a life and some Wed's for surviving .

Might be some one not agree but that's reality no one can force us to do anything until we get convinced . We should stop this blame game now.


You are magician or princess/prince of your own life .

We read a passage in our 10th class that is
Life is not bed of roses, at that time i really don't get it whats the greatest message in these few words. But now i realized life is all about ourselves made story As we all says and i strongly believe in it

If you are princess/Prince of your life .

  • Dependent on others
  • You're caged
  • You're in waiting state
  • Unable to do anything
  • Unable to initiate
  • Unable to finds solutions cause you used to ready made solutions
  • You're not risk taker.
  • You just flow with flowing waves like dead fishes
  • Always make excuses
  • Can't take decision you just follow your elders as like get a job, marry, have kids, look after kids, then Pension and ended. You didn't explore anything .
  • If feel sad just crying over situations not seeing the alternatives and you're unwelcome the changes.


You are magician

You feel like all around you and all happening in your lives no matter what the nature of happening

  • Full independent
  • Enjoying life with great courage
  • Enjoying your own magic
  • You're not follower you're in ruling state
  • Ready to achieve and lifelong leaner
  • Think out of the box
  • Have inner satisfaction and peace
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Risk taker and have great courage
  • Empowered and happy
  • Make solutions not blame or excuses
  • Take responsibility of yourself and your life
  • Can Take decision of your life



We are manufacturer of our lives.

We heard like someone says i don't want to graduate in flaa subjects but my parents forced me, someone says i don't like my job, but i have to feed my family., We also had noted some trainee say our mentorship don't provide us hands on experience or they don't convay properly.
These all are blaming, we have to accept the realities . We have to be responsible for our own self for our lives.

Which one you're, definition of yourself and your personality you have to know, its also known as Self recognition

We should have to be well disciplined and well organized about ourselves and we're only responsible for our actions no one else.

Our today's actions is reaction of our tomorrow we have to properly linked to our today and future so we need to set goals, we have to more focused. More passionate, more positive thoughts, more motivated version of us for the will flourish our tomorrow

So its for the day, if you like it I hope you will find yourself and will work on your self if you spend life as prince or princess, its time to accept challenges and make yourself more responsible.
Thank you for giving read to my passage. Will write more like this, as per Reader attention.

Stay blessed ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ฅ

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