Contest: Promote us on Instagram Steem Skillshare and Steem Infinity Zone. Double prizes

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We are happy to announce that our collaboration with Steem Infinity Zone
was very efficient and well welcomed by both Communities. That's why we are launching second Contest. This time be attentive to read all rules if not you will not be counted as participant.
The goal if this Contest is to promote Steem SkillShare and Steem Infinity Zone outside Steemit platform. Since both Communities got support from SC01, we are getting popular on the platform among users. But we would love to attract new users to let us grow even bigger and stronger.

Steem Skillshare is launching campaign PROMOTE US ON INSTAGRAM


Steem Infinity Zone will launch campaign PROMOTE US ON FACEBOOK

Rules of Steem Skillshare Contest

  • Make a post on your Instagram about anything but your post must lead to promotion and mention of Steem Skillshare and Steem Infinity Zone.

  • Tag Steem Skillshare Official Instagram Account

  • Make a post on Steemit about your entry and tag Steem Skillshare Official Account

  • Use Hashtag on Steemit #skillsharesiz

  • Resteem and comment this post


We will check your Instagram account. It must be active and with real subscribers with real posts.

Your post must recieve many likes the more the better

The most creative post promotions will become winners


1 place - 25 steem

2 place - 15 steem

3 place - 10 steem

Super Prizes for 1st and 2nd place from Steem Infinity Zone +10 steem each winner 🏆

Deadline: October, 15


As a community member you can delegate or donate to this Community to support this Initiative and to promote practical usage of Steem.*

|50 SP|
|100 SP|
|200 SP|
|400 SP|
|800 SP|
|1000 SP|
|3000 SP|
|6000 SP|

We will sponsor all the teachers and specialists who successfully deliver their services and provide all the information about their studying progress here on Steem SkillShare to motivate other Steemians.


Thank you to @steemcurator01


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Promocionando STEEMIT, promocionando a @steem.skillshare y a Steem Infinity Zone en mi cuenta de Instagram, y así crecemos y participó en el concurso, aquí el link


Interesting one and i will definitely promot on my Instagram 👍

This is another good effort to promote steemit outside. SIZ will also announce the contest for Facebook Promotions.


I want to follow this community, I just joined this community, do I have to verify myself first to be able to enter the contest?


Zzzzzzz 😴😴😴😴

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 08th October 2021 – Win 3000+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

Well i entered
Good luck to everyone and make sure to follow their insta @steem.skillshare

Wow! Amazing contest. Looking forward to some excellent participation.

Wah kontes yang menarik sekali kak

Excellent idea promotion on Instagram 😊😊 I will try to take part in promotional contest.


Thanks for inviting me, I have joined the group. I will be participating in the next contest.
I am happy to be a member of the community.

This is my entry to the contest

Growing up together, STEEMIT and @ADONAIbyDayannaLozada.jpg

Best of luck to all, total blessings, the important thing is that we enjoy the trip, no matter if we reach the goal.

Me encanta y participare, debo verificarme ?