Steem Skillshare New Delegator Labels and Delegator Report

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Hello dear Steem Skillshare members!
As you may notice all Delegators recieved new labels that are more straightforward and you can easily see how much you delegated to support Steem Skillshare Community.

Our @mod @papi.mati changed all labels to active users who published recently. If you noticed that your label was not changed please contact Steem Skillshare Team.

Our Current Steem Power is more than 17300 SP and we ask all members to help us reach 20000 SP

Steem Skillshare Community Account has on its own almost 5082 SP


As a community member you can delegate or donate to this Community to support this Initiative and to promote practical usage of Steem.*

|50 SP|
|100 SP|
|200 SP|
|400 SP|
|800 SP|
|1000 SP|
|3000 SP|
|6000 SP|

We will sponsor all the teachers and specialists who successfully deliver their services and provide all the information about their studying progress here on Steem SkillShare to motivate other Steemians.


Thank you to @steemcurator01


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I see that it is very good. Everyone is doing well. I wish good luck to everyone. I was good in this community by working with the most skills

We will be very grateful for any contribution, which is a good way to contribute to the growth of the community!

I will love to delegate @steem-skillshare but my sp is not upto 50

This is beautiful, the community keeps growing. Congratulations to us all.

@steem.skillshare I have not seen my name here. I am 50 sp delegator. And I was labeled by @paoi.mati.



I'm grateful to this community and I am proud that I delegated. More success #SteemSkillshare!
Regards to @papi.mati.

Hello, @Steem.SkillShare a query to see who can guide me, I delegated 50 sp to the community and make a presentation post to the community, but I am not verified.

This is the proof of my delegation of 50 SP: