Steem Skillshare reached 21451 SP. Our Power Up history in October.



Hello everyone!!

Congratulations to Steem SkillShare we reached 21451 STEEM POWER

Our next goal 25000 SP

Thank you to all members and active users of Steem Skillshare as well as delegators!!

We reached total Steem Power of more than 21451 SP. Community Account reached 6682 sp which a good milestone. We are thankful to all delegators who support and promote Steem Skillshare.
We encourage our users to rise their steem power as well as delegations to Steem SkillShare Community Account since it will lead to mutual support. Our Power Up history:



As a community member you can delegate or donate to this Community to support this Initiative and to promote practical usage of Steem.

|50 SP|
|100 SP|
|200 SP|
|400 SP|
|800 SP|
|1000 SP|
|3000 SP|
|6000 SP|

We will sponsor all the teachers and specialists who successfully deliver their services and provide all the information about their studying progress here on Steem SkillShare to motivate other Steemians.


Thank you to @steemcurator01


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What happiness! We await the contribution of each one of the users, thus the value of the votes of the community towards the publications will be greater.


We will try our best to keep our community to put on the top and increasing sp by delegation.