The Tome of Pirate World (Second Installment)


Pirate World is a narrative, secret hidey hole connections, a game, story telling and whatever else is decided upon it being.If you like to read anything kinda quirky and odd or featuring Booty and Steemy Hot Sirens luring lustful men to their salty demise, then here's a Community to subscribe to.

Here is the First Installment for ya' limey crypto fiends


Ahoy Matey's and Sexy Sirens, Mermans and Sharks! I'm compiling all the adventures, challenges and posts that have led us up to now. Everything from Space Pirates to Bone Pirates and dragging drunken Limey's to the depths....will be covered. Buckle up, grab your Parrot and your Rum and your Booty for a trip down Pirate World Memory lane.



The Third Installment coming soon and here's a mighty fine list of Communities to jump into and join or just jump into if you feel so inclined.

COMMUNITIES TO JOIN FOR MIRTH AND FUN <-- Pirate World <-- The Hood <-- Sportsball <-- Okay Boomer <-- Community <-- Communities

(giphy, subscribe and unlock secret discords, random surprises and coins and meet cool people)

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hello and greetings, thanks for swinging by, uh oh looks like the pirates threw you to the sharks! I'll save ye'

So kind to chronicle the stories and lore of Pirate World, y'er the best, me lassie!