Behold the Scourge of the seas! Scheißers Faust!

6개월 전

Beware ye scurvy dogs! The Pirates on this ship don't take shit from anyone, Only treasure!

Behold the Scheißers Faust!


Class: 52 Gun Man of War, 22 guns broadside, 4 at the bow, 4 at the stern
Length: 60 Meters
Speed: 9 Knots

And beware of Captain Grey580. He's a known kidnapper of fair maidens and drinker of the rums.


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Welcome to Pirate World, me 'earty! Glad to see we have a new man o' war on these perilous seas! (And a beauty of a ship she be!)


yeah I bet but my ship has a ton of pillows and cozy things and also many many, many Sireny loot


The Scarlet Reign welcomes your arse aboard, am making sushi as we speak


I'll ready the drinks.
Screaming Orgasms for everyone!