AFLW returns to Arden Street - a Photographic Journey in 9 shots


Arden Street in North Melbourne Australia is where the North Melbourne Kangaroos train in the AFL - the AFL being the Men's Australian rules football competition. We haven't played games here since 1985 though, the stands are gone, replaced with trees.

But it's 2020 now and as well as a Men's team for the last two years we have had an elite Women's team, who play in the AFLW and as they draw smaller crowds we could return to playing real games at Arden Street (which as a benefit is a stroll from my house.)

The Roogirls took on the Gold Coast Suns, and won, here are some shots from the game, played on lovely sunny day in front of 3,280 fans.

Abbatangelo for the mark:

Abatangelo Mark.jpg

and again

Abbatangelo for the mark_.jpg

Ash Riddell kicks are Emma Kearney give advice:

Riddell kicks as Kearney gives advice.jpg

Gillespie-Jones takes off:

Gillespie-Jones for the Mark.jpg

Ashmore looking for targets:

Ashmore looking for targets.jpg

Everyone on the chase:

everyone on the chase.jpg

Gavalas kicks like a girl

Gavalas kicks like a girl.jpg

Ashmore on the stretch:

Ashmore on the stretch.jpg

The joy of winning (in the shadows of the final siren)

the joy of winning.jpg

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Great pics! Love my footy, was busy today, didn't realise the AFLW had started. Hope to catch a few games over the next few weekends!

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Nice. Go the Roo Girls... Good to see some competition at Arden St again!