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Hi All,

This week communities came out of beta on Steem. @ausbitbank had already created a #TeamAustralia community so this post is to point everyone in the direction of the community and get you to subscribe.

What's the benefit I hear you say?
Well it will make it easier for members of the #TeamAustralia community to find you, read through your posts and give you some upvote love......

Well how do I do this I hear you say?

Here's how:

  1. Click on one of the following links to go directly to the TeamAustralia community page:

You will then be able to easily access the Team Australia community and post directly to the community page. This will be my main go to page to look for content and spread some upvotes around.

Currently there are already 17 subscribers to the community page, let's see how many more we can add!

Screen Shot 20200222 at 12.12.51 pm.png

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Great idea. We can also assist each others with any questions regarding our steem tokens.
I have a question
I have not been active for a while now and upon logging back, i have realised that I have been receiving steem tokens from some members, God knows who these members are.
Any one else who have realsed the same.

the second question

If i want to transfer my steem to another steem wallet or exchange, how do i go about it?

Picked a great day to check in on Steem. Lots of change only time Will tell what the future of Steem will be but there’s been so much change since Steem launched. Joined the #teamaustralia community so let’s see how this works.

Thanks for writing this up, I suck at promoting stuff :P Resteemed


You and me both :)

Also South Australia for those inclined :)


I made a South Australian / Adelaide Photographer group as well... here


I made a South Australia black and white underwater portrait photography community.


Does it specialise in the coloured photography of the left iris of the human figure?

We need a community for the left iris, right iris, and then one for the cornea too. Corner all the niche markets.


And an SMT to authorise jetty access.

  ·  작년

Just joined thank you.

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Joined. :)