A Common Question: Who is the best bowler of history?

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So Who is the best fast bowler of history?


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A question of only 5 words. The answer has never been found, even after spending thousands of words, the matter remains unresolved. In the eyes of some, Courtney Walsh, in the eyes of others, Malcolm Marshall is the best of all time. Some people like Wasim Akram and some people like Dennis Lily.

Throughout the ages fast bowlers have come, ruled the world. Someone took the storm by speed, the opposing batsman left the wicket in blue due to the touch of someone's poisonous bouncer. Someone again showed the magic of the swing at 22 yards.

Many names come up in the discussion of the best fast bowler of all time. There are definitely legends like Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding, Richard Hadley, Courtney Walsh, Curtly Ambrose, Dennis Lilly, Wasim Akram, Glenn McGrath. Among them, Malcolm Marshall and Wasim Akram were put in the lead. Apart from this, there are many other names who are seen with the best eyes.
Jeff Thomson of Australia, Craig McDermott, Brett Lee, Fred Truman of England, Ian Botham, James Anderson after Bob Willis, Andy Roberts of West Indies, Colin Croft, Joel Garner, South Waqar Younis of Pakistan, Walker Younes, Imran Khan, Imran Khan Donald, Shaun Pollock, Makhaya Ntini, Kapil Devra of India have ruled the world with the ball.

However, there is no chance for anyone to wear the best badge of all time. Because there is no recognized or any criteria by which the best of all time can be selected. It is not possible to choose the best fast bowler of all time just by judging the statistics.

If that was the case, it would be said in one sentence, James Anderson is the best fast bowler of all time. The highest wicket-taker in Tests is the English pacer (593 wickets). But the best of all time does not have a chance to be judged only by wicket statistics. Ability, talent, prudence, to establish a kingdom on any wicket is considered, who is the best of all time.


The name of the Caribbean legend Malcolm Marshall comes up in such a question. Who is considered to be the most accomplished bowler in the history of cricket. With remarkable speed, irresistible bouncers, toxic swings and aggression, Marshall was a beacon for the batsmen. The right-handed Caribbean pacer, who has taken 36 wickets in 61 Tests, is expected to surprise the batsmen.

Marshall used to show any wicket. In England-Australia, batsmen used to get lost in front of his bowling. The legendary Caribbean fast bowler also used to swing the stick in the subcontinent. All in all, the 'Complete Package' puts Marshall at the top of the list of the best of all time.


Pakistan's legendary fast bowler Wasim Akram is similarly considered. He started his career with great speed. Due to diabetes at the age of 30, the speed decreased later, but there was no problem. The Pakistani left-arm pacer proved himself unique in line-length, swing and yorker. This magician of swing used to talk to the ball like himself. He became known as Sultan of Swing because of his great control over the swing.

The former pacer, who took 918 wickets (414 Tests, 502 ODI wickets) in Tests and ODIs, could deliver six different deliveries. Like Malcolm Marshall, Wasim Akram was dominant in any wicket. In the eyes of many, he is the best fast bowler of all time.
Courtney Walsh was not a devastating bowler like Malcolm Marshall-Wasim Akram. However, the legendary Caribbean fast bowler, who has played 519 Test wickets for a long time. The former Bangladesh bowling coach, who played 132 Tests, became the first fast bowler in history to touch the 500-wicket milestone. In the eyes of many, he is in front of the best among them.
Another big name in the all-time best question is Dennis Lilly. The former Australian fast bowler was also very diverse. Due to a back injury, many thought Lily's tour would not be long. But the former right-handed Aussie fast bowler came back sharper. Lily, who took 355 wickets in 60 Tests, took herself to another level of skill as the pace slowed down later.

Richard Hadleo, the best fast bowler in the history of New Zealand cricket, was varied. Hadleo, who took 431 wickets in that Test, is the best in the eyes of many. His name is also included in the list of the best all-rounders of all time. Headley, who has represented the Kiwis for 18 years, became the first bowler in history to touch the 400-wicket milestone.


Glenn McGrath is the inevitable discussion in this discussion. The former Australian right-arm pacer has shown how a bowler can rule the world with swing and length. McGrath, who has 563 Test wickets, has never had the momentum. He used to feed the batsmen in small swings with incredible line-length.

McGrath used to make small swings on any wicket, which would have been difficult for the batsmen to avoid. His special ability was to bounce the ball right in front of the batsman. Usually such a delivery game would be difficult for any batsman. McGrath's name is also pronounced in the question of the best.


Kapil Dev, who won India's first World Cup, also ruled with the ball. Although his name is not pronounced that way in the question of the best of all time. Kapil Dev, who has taken 434 wickets in 131 Tests, has been able to play consistently for a long time. The former India captain, who has taken the most wickets among fast bowlers in the subcontinent, has never been ruled out due to injury in 131 Test matches. At one time, the legendary Indian all-rounder was also the highest wicket-taker in Tests.

Imran Khan and Waqar Younis were also placed at the top of the list. However, Imran Khan, Pakistan's 92nd World Cup-winning captain, has taken most of the wickets in the subcontinent. He took 362 wickets in 6 Tests. But Walker Younis was effective on any wicket. The owner of 363 Test wickets was in a devastating state until he was injured. His strike rate is one of the best ever.

The names of the speed stars in the list of the best of all time are not pronounced that way. Yet several names are written in gold in the pages of cricket history. Among them are Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, Shane Bond. Formerly Caribbean Wes Hall, Patterson Thompson. Their names could have been in the list of the best of all time. But their career did not last long because of the speed. So their record is not so rich.

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The name that comes first in the question of the best from modern cricket is Dale Steyn. Speed, swing, bounce; He owns 439 Test wickets in all respects. Stein has always been unstoppable on home soil. Apart from this, this right-handed fast bowler of South Africa is very successful in England, Australia as well as in India.



Then there are many who take the name of James Anderson because of the statistics. But the record of this English fast bowler outside England is not very good. Out of his 593 wickets, 38 wickets are on English soil. He has done somewhat better in South Africa. He could not succeed in Australia. And in the subcontinent he is absolutely dull.For the same reason, there is not much talk about Stuart Broad. The right-handed pacer recently reached the milestone of 500 Test wickets as the fourth and last fast bowler in history. But like Anderson, his record is only as rich at home. He has taken 331 out of 511 wickets in England. Broad is also an ineffective bowler in the subcontinent. That is why Anderson and Broad are not in the discussion even after reaching the milestone of 500 wickets from this generation.

A few bowlers who have represented the pace department of Bangladesh in different generations have expressed their thoughts. They also could not reach the answer to the question of the best of all time. However, the name of their best fast bowler. Wasim Akram of Pakistan is the best of all four.

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