The reason why Bangladesh lost the series 🏏🏏🏏🏏

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The Bangladesh ODI team had a good chance to do well on New Zealand soil.
But due to some mistakes, Tamim's team has lost all three of the three-match ODI series.
Some old mistakes have resurfaced. Added new error.


It is normal for batting and bowling performance to fluctuate. It is possible to be consistent in fielding. In the case of Bangladesh, the opposite is true. In fielding, Bangladesh is very good one day and on another day it is very average. When batting and bowling are bad, it also affects the fielding. The best fielder of the team also made a mistake that day. And even at the crucial moment of the match, the fielders lost their hands. And there is no question if the tour is abroad.In New Zealand, with the continuity of traditional fielding, the challenge of adapting to strong winds, outfields and clear skies has been added. And the series ended without adjusting. What Bangladesh has done wrong so far. In the second ODI in Christchurch, Bangladesh dropped three catches in the middle over with just nine balls to spare. There is a mess of ground fielding. Tamim's team repeated the mistakes of Christchurch in the last match in Wellington. Looking back at the last ODI series, this fielding failure is the first thing that comes to mind.Bangladesh-vs-New-Zealand.jpgSourceDunedin batted first and was all out for 131 runs. After batting in Wellington, he was all out for 154 runs. With the exception of Christchurch in the middle, Bangladesh's batting was disoriented throughout the series. The bowlers will get the first 10-15 overs, swing and bounce in New Zealand. New Zealand is like a batting paradise if you manage the initial storm. And the death over bowling ability of this New Zealand team has also been questioned before. Bangladesh could not take the test of Kiwi bowlers without Christchurch. Lame Bangladesh lost top order batsmen at the beginning in Dunedin and Wellington. Though Tamim played an 8-run innings in Christchurch, Bangladesh did not get anything from Liton Das and Soumya Sarkar. Mushfiqur Rahim's bat usually saved Bangladesh when it was in danger. That did not happen in a match of three matches. 23, 34 and 21 Mushfiqur was out in all three matches. New Zealand fast bowlers have tied Mushfiqur as short. Bolt-Henry also revealed the weakness of the technique in inswinging bowling. Throughout the series, Mushfiqur played full length ball with the front foot cover. Due to which Mushfiqur was having trouble playing the ball that came inside. But Mushfiqur, who is in the best form, has his feet in front of the bowler.630692628.jpgSource

Defensive mindset

Several decisions of the Bangladesh team throughout the series have shown a defensive mentality. Tamim's team did not do the kind of ODI that is needed on New Zealand soil. After New Zealand collapsed in the top order in two consecutive matches, Bangladesh allowed the Kiwis to form a huge partnership. After picking up three wickets as fast as in Christchurch, Bangladesh got two left-arm Devon Conway and Tom Latham at the crease. Bangladesh had two off-spinners Mehedi Hasan Miraj and Mehedi Hasan. Off-spin against left-arm is the weapon of attack all the time. But Tamim kept Long Off, Long On out while the two bowled. Latham left the crease and took 1-2 runs easily. Tamim may have thought that two left-handers would play the wrong shot under pressure when the boundary was stopped, which is usually the case with Bangladeshi wickets. But that did not happen that day. Latham settled down and later scored a match-winning century. Bangladesh missed the golden opportunity to hold the Kiwis in the third match as well.
Wrong combination of teams

Mehdi Hasan Miraj was the team's best bowler against the West Indies at home. He has successfully risen to the top four in the ODI rankings. He has not taken a wicket in New Zealand for a total of 21 overs in three matches. Despite getting a bunch of left-arm batsmen in the Kiwi top order, he failed with the ball. He also failed in batting. The story could have been different if left-arm spinner Nasum Ahmed had played in his place. Who doesn't know the weakness of the Kiwis in left-arm spin.

Besides, it was wrong to play two spinners in the wicket of the third match. Mohammad Saifuddin could have played in place of Miraj in Green Wellington. Miraj bowled only 5 overs. But the majestic government had to turn its hand in 6 overs. Despite being in a squad like Saifuddin's, the wicket of the third match against Miraj without him was a big wrong decision.

Swing-lost Mostafiz

The new Mostafizur Rahman was the main tool to make Bangladesh better in New Zealand. Before the start of the series, captain Tamim said, "If you have to have a fast bowler in the team, then Mostafiz's name will be first." He added a new swing to his bowling and bowled well against the West Indies at home. The reason for his good performance is his recent performance. But he seems to have lost that swing when he went to New Zealand. Mostafiz has taken only two wickets in three matches. A new ball cutter has arrived in Christchurch. Another black death over. It is known that even though he got swing in practice, I know why this left-hander is not able to bring the ball inside the right-handers in the match.



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