Chris Morris was sold for Rs 16 crore 25 lakh in the 14th IPL season

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The 14th auction of IPL is going on. South African all-rounder Chris Morris was bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore last season for Rs 10 crore. Furthermore, this time Rajasthan Royals broke all IPL records by getting him for Rs 16.25 crore. He got this expense after not playing a lone match after the last IPL.


Last season in the IPL, Chris Morris played 9 matches and scored 34 runs and took 12 wickets. Regardless, there are various issues with his health. So that could be a concern for Rajasthan. Regardless, when he was being pulled, no one pondered that. Preity Zinta's Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals were connecting with for the South African all-rounder. In the end Rajasthan bought Chris Morris.


KKR utilized Pat Cummins, Australia's fast bowler who shook the world a year prior, for Rs 15 crore. All-rounder Yuvraj Singh is the most expensive pair of Indian cricketers anytime to win the World Cup. In 2015, he was picked by the Delhi Daredevils for Rs 16 crore. Regardless, there is no confirmation that it will perform well in case it is bought at a more extravagant expense. Evidence of which can be found in each match of IPL.


Hopefully Chris Morris will play much better this season. One of my favorite players. I like his batting and bowling a lot He bowls death He also batted at the end of the match And he is known as a hard-hitting batsman.

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I think that's an insane bid. But will hope he will prove his worth. There is a great demand for the allrounders here