I Support Hive

2년 전

Hey everyone, it’s been an intense couple of weeks, and things remain quite hectic for me as I turn my full attention to OpenSeed and OpenLink. Some people have asked me if I've been involved with Hive so in the interest of making sure that those who deserve praise for their work get it, I just want to be clear that I was not. People like @gtg, @netuoso, @howo, @therealwolf, and obviously @blocktrades deserve the credit for all their hard work, in addition to so many more community contributors (too many to mention).

Congratulations to everyone involved in the effort and all of those who are doing such a good job of spreading the word. To learn more about Hive, go here.

OpenSeed and OpenLink

My plan now is to turn my attention to OpenSeed and OpenLink which are being built to bridge users from multiple blockchains. Regardless of what blockchain a user prefers, whether Hive or EOS or Ethereum, we believe they should have access to amazing blockchain-powered user experiences.

What matters to me is this amazing community I have been privileged to be a part of for the last 4 years. These difficult circumstances have only validated the very reason I joined this community in the first place, which is that it contains so many amazing (intelligent, talented, committed, thoughtful, etc.) individuals. I look forward to continuing to be a part of this community for years to come, no matter where on the internet they live.

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I went from being initially skeptical that a fork could have any positive result a few weeks ago to totally convinced that this could turn out the best possible way after seeing the recent demonstration of how intense this community is (usually in a good way, lol.) I'm really happy to see you and other former Steemit employees freed up to dedicate to the projects you care about and excited to see how they can synergize with #hive going forward. :-D

we need more support and hive can really spike

I'll pay for your dinner, should we meet again.


Thanks ... I guess? lol

  ·  2년 전

Rehive ;)

Thanks for sticking with the Steem community in this turbulent times.

Good to see you back on blockchain @andrarchy
Now we can say # HIVE on!

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Hi @andrarchy if you like I can translate your post into Spanish so that community gets your message regarding what's going on with OpenSeed and HIVE.

Great to have you still aboard this (no longer Steem) train. There's still so much to achieve. We can still change the world, but under a different banner now.

Wise decision @andrarchy!

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BOI is excited about both - Hive and Openseed! Decentralization is happening as we speak and these are great times to be alive! We're creating the history!