CC139 - NFT Showroom on the Hive Blockchain

8개월 전

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00:00 Introduction
00:37 Main page of NFT Showroom
05:47 Research with specific criteria

NFT Showroom:
Hive Engine:


The Hive blockchain is a powerful crypto community where you can interact and accumulate the Hive token.

Now you can invest your money in digital arts made by outstanding artists that show their talents to the world.

What covered in this video

I show the main page of the NFT Showroom where I describe the primary interface and what you can do with it.

You can learn how to make a specific search and find gems hidden for you to acquire and maybe make a nice profit soon.

Last word

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Thanks for the heads up on NFT Showroom. I am with those who believe NFTs will become something extraordinary and I know HIVE has real potential to make it all fun.


My pleasure, and bought 2 on the platform so far.