How many apps will be adapted from Steem to Hive?

4개월 전

I know many developers already announce to port their apps from Steem to Hive, but I would be more comfortable knowing exactly which ones.

Apps I use:

  • SteemPeak
    • As my main interface to manage all the Social Network of the Blockchain
      • It would be pretty hard to use Steem without it
    • They already announce to be supporting Hive as well.
  • SteemWorld
    • as my main interface to low-level management
      • It would be pretty hard to use Steem without it

Also my fear is having to start all over again with Hive all SP I managed to accumulate here. Should I start Power Down? What about my posts? Communities? Secondary accounts? Will Hive be just like Steem but without the evident vulnerabilities from it's Witness voting system? Will it have an API as easy to use with clear documentation for developers? On which date will "The Great Exodus" happen?

Sorry if any of my fears sound unjustified. It's just a reaction towards the unknown. It reminded me of a movie I saw in my childhood regarding fears of the unknown:


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