Hive airdrop

6개월 전

20 days ago I was asked to remove my votes from Justin's sockpuppets accounts which I did. 17 days later they removed me from the Hive airdrop.

I even got a thank you note from one of their witnesses.

Screenshot from 2020-03-23 09-29-34.png

My only votes left was:


I voted for @blockbrothers because I respect @exyle who has been the most positive person here for all these years. That voice ruled me out of an airdrop.

Later, I was voted for, which is suspected one by their terms, but then again person behind that nick is real, not some sockpuppet. By the way, he was the only 0.22.5 witness on my list. Incredibly, he somehow managed to get in to Hive, so do @quochuy, @exyle and @blockbrothers.

To conclude. They have excluded me from an airdrop because of votes for witnesses who are all good enough to become Hive users.

That's fair? What do you think?

Thank you,

@friendlystranger, investor

@gtg @roelandp @blocktrades @good-karma @themarkymark @anyx @ausbitbank @drakos @cervantes @someguy123 @steempress @therealwolf @followbtcnews @aggroed @lukestokes.mhth @yabapmatt @steempeak @abit @ocd-witness @netuoso @pfunk @smooth

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