I Will Support The New HIVE Blockchain.

2년 전

I'm going to make this post short and sweet, because I just saw Justin Sun will begin censoring content about Hive on Steemit.com. I currently control the #1044 largest Steem Power stake in the Steem community. I'm posting now to announce my intention to power down and sell that investment in Steem for Hive. This account's power down was initiated last night. I will be leaving the Steem blockchain entirely, with exception of my continued support of the Hunt platform (@steemhunt). To do that I will leave around 25 SP on this account to keep it functioning. My actions will of course be pending Justin Sun doessn't make a friendly deal with the Steem (and now HIVE) community.

Gang gang, buzz buzz, and Hive on.

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Join the community in our migration to Hive, a community built blockchain for the community. All Steem account holders will receive equivalent stake on the new Hive blockchain.

Please see this post on SteemPeak for more information.