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eHive obviously.

e-hive, this will be better

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"eHive App" isn't a bad idea


I second that.

I know many have suggested already...


is a good one.

Thanks for letting us know about your move. All the best!

Hive 5

  ·  2년 전


Very good news. More and more confidence in the bright future of HIVE!


You say good news, the meme shows why this should be concerning.

Oh yes, the name.

BeHive? :)


Like it!!!!!!!


Behive yourself 😀


Its supergood name for eSteem rebranding to beHive,and Hive5 for this name

Another technically contextual question which I already asked yesterday here:

Many if not most of the images in our posts are hosted on Steemit's CDN account.

I took the newest image as an example:

Will these images be copied to some independent CDN account or will we eventually lose them?

Thanks for the answer!



This is a very good point, I was always worried something like this could happen with the centralised image storage.
My approach was to use flickrs paid service and just post the links.


Same, I use imgur and imgbb for hosting.


Better have backup of all your images!

Like @ervin-lemark I enjoy the BeHive 😊 I have already prepared some FancyBee to go along with this move on first day Friday, the use of be and bee make it sweet,
I think BeHive is a great way to be on Hive


What will be the price of Hive?

Same as Steem when it is released with the same circulating and total supply or something different?


price, market decides... supply will be same


And the inflation?


also same

A lot of work indeed. Thank you in advance for all your efforts.

There will be occasional hiccups and we expect them to be solved on the fly.

Everybody, have patience, please.

Exciting times 😀

Happy for this, and looking forward to using the new app for my future Hive blogs. 😊

what if the name changes to the hivenest?

I think this name is cool?

  ·  2년 전

hivemobile 😂


The HIV makes it difficult :E

This is how Steemit is going to look when the community is gone!

United against internal enemies :D


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WOW 😮 steemconnect! That’s huge! Let’s go!

Hive on!!!



HiveSigner looks pretty cool. And when I checked for domain, it was already taken.


In my opinion, it would be better to go for a name that is generic and not bound to any other brand name. Think of something that doesn't have Hive in it.

I liked BeHive but it would be hard to find the domain name for it.


Virus-Hive ... Lol.

Excited to comment on your post out there once it is running !

  ·  2년 전

What about ESTM?


You will continue be able to earn ESTM but only on Hive and latest versions of eSteem which will be released soon with support for Hive by default.

  ·  2년 전

sounds good👌

I don't use your products but cool that you move on Hive.

Hi @good-karma , because your post contains some important information about the migration to HIVE, if you aprove I could translate this post to Spanish as well.

That's what I was waiting for. Indeed great update. Happy to know about it. Thanks

Hivee [Haivee]


Like it....


Net - internet

What's the migration process? You can see my user name and I really want to change it. Any idea?


You will have same username unfortunately, signup another one now and you can move your funds to that account gradually. Your this username and funds will migrate over, so you can move funds to new account after migration.


Thanks for making this clear to me. I will do the same.

Exciting times ahead for all of us! ❤️


How many minutes more?

Wonderful news! It's exciting to see what will happen! Steem price is already rocking because many want to have more Hive coins! :)

Hi Ho
Hive on!

Awesome, let get this thing up in the air..

I got one question.

Can I sell all my steem tokens after the fork and still get the hive tokens?


yes, they will be 2 separate tokens.

So glad you are migrating, @good-karma — didn’t want to lose you / esteem ✌🏼

Wishing us all a safe landing, friends!

As for a new name, how’s Staying AHive?




Why not go for MySpace then :)

What about (decentralized) De-HiveApp

Excellent news :) just gets better each day. What services would you say that is lacking that hive needs more of for fresh developers to get involved?

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An extraordinary change in achieving the future, we really like and will look forward to it

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How about

  • Hivesurfer
  • honE - said money
  • HoneyB
  • BuzzE
  • Swarm

@good-karma I'm glad to hear eSteem will be integrating the new chain. I wouldn't expect anything less. Will our ESTM transfer over to this new version?

Since it's a hive, why not eBuzz?

They could also use rebuzz instead of resteem, a.s.o.


Having some variation of buzz seem interesting...

Hmmm. 🤔 HivEsteem? 😅 HiveSteem? EsteemHiver? Haha it's getting longer the more I think abt it. 😆

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Hey, how do I get access to hive?

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I saw many great people behind Hive. Some of them support us many Steemians in Indonesia, such as @ good-karma. I will join Hive too. Thanks so much.

I can first say WOW 😋👌👌👌👌👌👌 I have all time liked what @good-karma do 👌👌👌

There are lot cool names what to use .. and it is hard to think something.

I try soon say some name 😋👌👌👌🙏❤

!giphy awesome

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@tipu curate
!giphy smile

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Another question. I am aware that you might not be the right person to ask ...

What about all the pesky accounts that do nothing except downvote everything with 10% downvotes?

Like this one, for example,


I presume that, in the name of non-censoring and true liberty, they will be copied too. On the other hand, they are a nuisance and contribute nothing except (mild) annoyance.


correct assumption


:) tnx for the reply

There should be a rule, a relationship between upvotes and downvotes.

OK, let's leave it for the future.

Good luck with migrating all the stuff.


I think since they will have no steem delegations from steemit, maybe they'll keep downvoting only if the handler camilleresteemer make the adjustements and power up all of them, if not, I doubt they will have RC's to make the downvotes.


That might be the case.

Thanks for your answer.

I have no idea why Camille is doing this. It's a total vaste of time and resources.


That's my guess but we'll see!! I don't know why neither, maybe the phrase "haters gonna hate" makes all the sense here!! :)