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Very excited for what's to come. See you all there :^)

Hive Is Alive

Good jobs!

this very good , eum

I love Hive, The best is yet to come 🙏

Welcome in Steem Blockchain,..

We will Life in #Hive awesome.....

Good work

Thanks for suggesting the Mute button: I'll evaluate it! 😉
A huge hug and a bit of !BEEER


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Excited for HIVE!
Sold all my BTC into Steem to get Hive...


Please put a count down timer on your web page so we know when it will be LIVE and then we can dump the steem. :D


Hey, you added a countdown timer. I would like to think it was this comment that inspired you to do this.. but I think not. Lol

Will you help those who are being attacked by the Team Members and Supporters of @steemflagrewards...???
March 19, 2020... 2.6 Hollywood Time...

thanks to provide me best place and i really thanksful to you

Yes. New beginning !

Hola bienvenidos amigos, gracias por visitar mi blog, ojalá apoyen el buen contenido. Entusiasmada con esta bifurcación, abrazos!

I logged into hive last night.

Buenas perspectivas. Me anoto en esa lista.

Check this ;)
Maybe you can move the background pic ;)

Screenshot from 2020-03-19 19-40-41.png

Thanks and good luck guys!!!

Estupendo bienvenido

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