Let's Bzzzz on Hive!

11개월 전

I've been on steem blockchain since October 2016, and despite not being active lately on my blog, I try to keep updated with steem issues.

I've seen a lot of crisis here, but not even one was so bad as the latest one - Justin Sun's acquisition and centralization attempt.

For me it was a shock at the beginning!!
We've been recently in SteemFest4 with Steemit inc and everything was ok, things were moving on, and then on the 14th February KABOOM!! A gesture of love (not) from an immature kid that thinks to know what's best for business but doesn't give a fuck to the history of this blockchain neither to what staked people wanted (decentralization)!!
A lot of uncertainty was felt by many of us, but seeing what our community has done in a few weeks makes me really proud!!

I will support the effort of those who built the new Hive blockchain and say bye bye steem (with Justin Sun).

Let's Bzzzz on Hive!!


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Exciting times are ahead of us. See you on Hive 😌