Hive breaks out! 60 Million USD for Development!

5개월 전

This is great news, as the Development fund is not under the control from Steemit Inc. In EOS even the billions earned are in the hands of a few people. Hive is he only real Blockchain with decentralized considerable funds (afaik)

I guess that now finishing the Smart Media Tokens should be assured. Hive could explode in the coming months to the earlier targets of a 100 USD or more. It all depends on the drive that the people involved in this chain will show. I think they have already done incredible work, and under the leadership of @blocktrades I think we can expect a lot of exciting developments. There are many more developers (it was mentioned around 40) active here as in Steemit Inc ever were.

Even if Steemit Inc copies the code to their chain, I think it is totally unacceptable and unforgivable what they did. Fuck'em is the only thing I can say... Years of suffering and empty promises... finally highjacking this chain... Get lost.

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Dear @mexbit

Solid read. It's clear that we're sharing similar interests towards blockchain technology and crypto.

Perhaps you would like to check out this contest / challenge done by my good friend hardaeborla: "What is Bitcoin Halving ?".

Enjoy your weekend,
Yours, Piotr