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This is the first post on Hive but I don't know if it is this simple anyway Hello Hive and friends!

I want to turn my diet a bit more to the green side of things, but these are my roots and it's not easy to let it go, especially the flavours wich I need to study close this to try some vegetarian recipe that give me the same satisfaction.


First start off by making Ragu di Carne(o Bolognese). I'll sum it up briefly because I want to make another post on Ragù trying both the meat and a vegetarian one.

You need carrots, onion and celery thinly sliced and cooked on olive oil at low fire for 10-15 minutes.
Add a touch of redwine and make it evaporate, and after put the minced meat inside, ramp up the fire a bit and add another quarter of glass of redwine(other kind of wine are welcome I use red usually)

Let the meat cook for 30-40 minutes and then add tomato sauce, very slow flames for 1 and 30 minutes add salt and pepper and it is ready.


After let's work on besciamella, start off with 100 grams of butter in a pan when it melt add 1 liter of milk when it's hot add a touch of salt and start pouring in 100 grams of flour slowly meshing with a kitchen whisk and low low flame (or turn off the flames add the whole lot of flour and mash it turning the flame a bit after)
Add the nutmeg powder and when it become thick its ready!

After we prepare the Lasagna layers, start with pasta veil(I bought them still have to learn to make it >.<)


Then Besciamella


Then Ragù


Rinse and repeat 3-4 times.
Then leave it to rest a night to absorb the salsa or cook it immidiatly after if your hungry(still good :D) for about 20 minutes in the hoven at 220 degrees.


Hope you enjoyed it :D

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How do I link it? do I need to put a different hashtag?


For now - as this is all new to me too - Join/subscribe to the community CWU Recipe Book
and make a new post in the community - just copy and paste should be good