Moving Forward With The Hive


As everyone is already aware, there's a planned hardfork to free us from the tyrant that is Justin Sun, as well as distance ourselves from the crippling weight of Steemit Inc and their stake.

This is exactly what I dreamed would happen in the event that something came and threatened this community: we'd come together and find a way to improve and go forward.

With the real community, I will be transitioning over to Hive. I will no longer post to Steem, and after the airdrop, begin the process of Powering Down and dumping my Steem.

Decentralisation, to me, has been one of the founding reasons as to why I got into the cryptocurrency space so long ago. It wasn't about earning money, and getting into pump and dumps. For me, it was about a part of the Internet that comes together as one and distances itself from the shackles of centralised authorities. Removing the middleman and protecting individuals and their data.

I hope that all of you following me, especially those of you who I have connected with and tried my best to support, will find me over at our new home.

I'm incredibly excited to see what we can do from here on. It's exciting to see how far we can go without the struggles of existing network issues that we have faced for years; to have developers working in the interest of the network, and not just to ensure their own centralised existence.

And as this will be my final post: I hope Justin Sun enjoys getting fucked by his Tron followers and Korean shitposters. May they lay in bed together as the ship sinks.

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Do you have any info on the value of the hive tokens? And exchanges? Or Steem Engine tokens?

See you on the other side. :)

It is nice to see that someone understands the community that was building on steem block chain. I have loved the last 2 1/2 years here. I have met and seen so many corners of the world I would never get to see. Seeing images and staged pictures in a magazine does nothing to present the real areas people live, I love all the back yard photographers, the thoughts and words of what it is like to live in their part of the world. Steem was not all about the money, it was about the connections, the arm chair travel for those of us that can not, and about the way of life from real people from where they live.

I think HIVE is going to allow us, the people of the world, to continue to come together, to continue to grow, and to continue on a pth of finding a new social order, a new culture, hopefully one with out the toxicity of the current cultures and social ideals.